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When did Ultraman's series first air?

Ultraman the series first aired in 1966 and is a follow-up to the television series Ultra Q, though it is not technically considered a sequel or a spin-off.


Where is Ultraman from?

Ultraman is a Japanese television series which is based on the fantastical adventures of a special effects world in a fantasy world.


What was Ultraman's title card reading?

The title card reading for Ultraman was, "Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series." It was created as a story that features a corporeal space creature with two very large eyes who befriends someone of the world, but then is still perceived as an alien threat.


What was the name of the monster in episode 11 of the show?

Episode 11, titled, "The Rascal from Outer Space", features a monster named Gyango. He is a four-limbed monster covered in fur and with a spiky cone like protective shell over his body.


What fighting technique did the writers not want Ultraman to use?

The writers decided not to go with a martial-arts background for the character Ultraman because they didn't think it would be believable for him to actually be an alien if he was using earth-bound martial arts techniques.


What fighting techniques did Ultraman use?

Although the actor that played Ultraman came from an outdoor-sports and martial-arts background, they opted not to go with either of those styles so that his character seemed more alien. Instead he used a combination of fighting skills including grappling and Greco-Roman wrestling.


When is the show supposed to take place?

The storyline begins in the "near future" which is coming out of the era of the 1960's. We don't find out until many episodes into the show that the show is actually supposedly taking place in the early 1990's.


What monster did most of the monsters in the series resemble?

Godzilla was a main theme for monster costume ideas in this series. In fact, often costumes of Godzilla would be recycled and altered, sometimes only with spray paint while the actor was still inside the suit!


Who played most of the principal monsters in the series?

Actor Haruo Nakajima who was a very famous monster suit actor, and actually had famously played Godzilla prior to this series, was the performer who played all the principal monsters throughout the show.


What does Haruo Nakajima (the actor that plays the monsters) famously say about his costumes?

Haruo Nakajima, who also performed the original Godzilla, notoriously quipped once that, the staggering gait of some of the monsters he portrayed was due less to his acting than to the fumes he had to endure. He said this in reference to the spray paint that was continually sprayed on his costumes right before filming.


What is the significance of Sigma Seven Co. to the show?

Sigma Seven Co. is a Japanese talent management company who's focus was to represent a number of voice actors and entertainers. They were the company behind the casting of Yasunori Matsumoto.


Who is Yasunori Matsumoto?

Yatsunori Matsumoto is a famous voice actor that was represented by Sigma Seven a talent management company in Japan. He plays the voice for the Alien Fanton character "Guruman" throughout the series.


What was episode 20 called in the show?

Episode 20 of Ultraman is called "Terror on Route 87." It features the first and only appearance of the character Hydra on the show.


What is Hydra's character based off of?

This character Hydra on Ultraman is based off of the Hydra in Greek mythology. Hydra in this sense does not resemble Greece's interpretation of Hydra at all. Hydra in Greek mythology was a gigantic water-snake-like-monster which has nine heads, one of which is immortal.


What channel did Ultraman air on?

Ultraman aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS). TBS is notable for airing many popular anime since 1961. Several of its anime titles are produced by Osaka-based affiliate Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS).


What is a trope?

Ultraman uses countless tropes through its series. A trope is, a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. It uses one thing to signifiy and represent the way you want someone to think about something else.


What is one trope about myths that Ultraman uses?

The trope: All Myths are true is used in the show Ultraman. For example, if a legend exists about an ancient monster, more than likely Ultraman is going to have to fight them within the next half hour of the show... or in one case he is the myth himself.


How old is Ultraman?

Ultraman is 20,000 years old. Another cool fact about him is that when he was presented with an opportunity to return to his planet, he demands that the comparatively young human population needs him and his time more than he does.


Who created the series?

Eiji was a Japanese special effects director who was responsible for many Japanese science-fiction films and television series, including Ultraman. He is very well known for involving war propaganda in his production.


What is Ultraman's planet called?

Ultraman's planet is called Nebula M78. It is the nebula that serves as the greater location of the Land of Light, home world to most Ultras in the Showa Universe.


How far is Nebula M78 from Earth?

Nebula M78 is thirteen million light years away from Earth and has been noted for housing more than just one planet where the Ultra's live.


Interesting fact about Nebula M78?

In reality, the Nebula M78 is an actual nebula in the Orion Constellation. Orion was a giant in Greek mythology.


How many light years is Nebula M78 actually from Earth?

Nebula M78 is actually only 1600 light years away from Earth... The Messer 78 was named after famous astronomer Charles Messer.


How much does Ultraman weigh?

Ultraman is a red and silver giant that notoriously fought to defend Earth. He weighs an insane and impressive 35000 tons!


How did Ultraman arrive on Earth?

Ultraman was chasing a Bemular that had escaped from the Monster Graveyard when he arrived on Earth. Once on Earth, Ultraman collides with Hayata who was on a scouting mission with his jet. Hayata dies in the crash.


How does Hayata come back to life after his death?

After Hayata dies in the collision, Ultraman makes it his duty to bring him back to life by bonding himself to Hayata. Hayata was informed of Bemular and given a Beta Capsule so that he could transform into Ultraman.


What is the significance of the Beta Capsule?

If Ultraman is bonded with someone or is using a human form, the Beta Capsule can be used to transform him back into Ultraman.


What is the Color Timer?

This device is extremely important for Ultraman. It gives him a warning when his three minutes on Earth is almost up and if he is significantly weakened, this is the warning he needs to get off before he dies.


Ultraman's weakness?

Ultraman is weak to the cold because he (all Ultramen actually) needs solar energy to survive. This doesn't mean however that he cannot fight at night, he just has a time limit and has to be aware of how long her is engaged.


How many episodes were in the original series?

There were a total of 39 episodes in the first series of Ultraman. In this TV series finale we watch a fiendish alien race and the Z-Ton Aliens plot to conquer the Earth. Ultraman intervenes but these monsters prove to be more than a match for him. The episode is left open-ended for us to wonder if he will defeat them or be defeated...


What does the SSSP in Ultraman stand for?

SSSP stands for the Science Special Search Party also known as the Science Patrol is the organization that were organized to seek out hostile monsters and aliens, while also preventing natural disasters from affecting the people of the Earth.


What is the SSSP's symbol?

The symbol for the SSSP or the Science Patrol is a five-pointed star which also has the outline of a conventional rocket-ship where its nose is in the center of the star. The are noteworthy and internationally orange in their dominant color.


Who is Zoffy?

Zoffy was a Space Ranger that received a promotion to Space Guard Captain in the episode that he was featured in. He has six pairs of Star Mark badges and medals on his chest along with three pairs of Ultra Breasters medals on his shoulders.


What is the name Ultraman?

Ultraman, the name, is a compound name. "Ultra" is the prefix that means "on the far side, beyond." An extreme interpretation of the term Ultraman is "on the far side, above men."


What are Ultramen made of?

Ultramen are completely made of light. However, they aren't simply light when in their physical form. Like humans they have internal organs and even bones that are very similar to those of humans. They have a pelvis, a spine, ribs, and among others bones for their arms and legs.


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