How Much of an Impulse Shopper Are You?

By Khadija Leon on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

When it comes to shopping, are you the type that plans everything out and budgets, only buying what you actually need? Or are you the opposite, you know, the type that sees something bright and shiny and says "I want that" and just buys it right away? We all have our weaknesses when we shop, some of us can't resist buying a cool pair of shoes, others like jewelry or handbags, some of us like coats, and some of us are constantly trading in our cars for something newer and cooler.

But not all of us are impulsive. Have you ever spent all sorts of money on something that you thought you really wanted, and then it just sat around gathering dust for a long time? Or maybe you are the type of person that asks your significant other or your parents to buy things for you. It sure is a lot easier to be an impulse shopper that way. Either way, you are either an impulse shopper or you aren't, and no matter what, it all is cool as long as you can pay the bill when it comes in the mail. Take this quiz to figure out whether you stop and think before you buy.

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