How Much of a Deadhead Are You?

By Brian Whitney on March 30, 2018

About This Quiz

If anyone has ever been to a Grateful Dead show back in the day, or if you have a good friend that is a Deadhead, or you are one yourself, then you know what the term refers to. 

There are all sorts of levels of being a Deadhead, and just because you went to a show or two, or really like the music, it doesn't make you one of them. Some people who call themselves Deadheads spend their lives going to college or work, and when the Dead tour somewhere near where they live, they slap on a tie-dye tee shirt and go to a show or maybe even two. They might think they are Deadheads but are they really?

True Deadheads are the type of people who always have crumpled song lists in their pockets from that show in Buffalo back in the 70s, they don't dance as much as twirl, and they lived in their van, or sometimes someone else's van. They used to travel all around the country following the dead around to every show they possibly could, and if they didn't have a ticket to the show, they would say they were "looking for a miracle. Take this quiz to see where you stand on the Deadhead scale.

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