How Indie Are You?

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The music. The movies. The clothes. It may be impossible to describe what indie is, but the look and sound are unmistakable. More than anything, being indie means being independent of companies trying to get you to spend money to dress a certain way and listen to certain bands. It's an ethos that embraces finding and deciding your own tastes and preferences, rather than just listening to what is on the radio or watching whatever movies are in the theater.

The term "indie rock" came into being during the 1980s and was used to describe independent music labels offering local and alternative sounds to what was being played on the radio. This DIY movement blossomed into new modes of fashion that recycled timeless looks from the past rather than embracing what was "in style" at the moment. Movies by undiscovered filmmakers with tiny budgets and big ideas challenged the norm.

All of these years after the movement started, there is no way to describe what counts as indie anymore. But anywhere there are people marching to the beat of their own drum, creating for the sake of expression and lifting up others who are doing the same, the indie movement continues. So time to throw open your closet, check your record collection and learn how indie you really are.

Empty your pockets and look for the last movie tickets you purchased. What is closest to the show you went to see?

What prints or decor do you have on your walls to make your house feel like home?

A sudden snowstorm hits your city and no one has to attend work or school. How do you spend the day?

You don't just listen to contemporary music, do you? How old is the oldest record in your collection?

Everyone has a favorite coffee spot. What's yours?

Music is a big part of being indie. How many instruments can you play?

Sticking to music, how would you describe the typical music venue that you can be found at?

Be honest. How many of the following bands have you listened to: Washed Out, LCD Soundsystem, The Microphones, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, Joanna Newsom, The Smiths, Bikini Kill, Neko Case, Joy Division?

Everyone needs a way to pass the time. When was the last time you picked up a new hobby?

Do you have a garden where you grow vegetables?

Let's talk fashion. Where do you get your fashion inspo?

Which of these is the one holiday that stands out from all the rest?

You find yourself on a dance floor. What dance are you doing?

You need a new outfit. What do you do?

You've got a vacation coming up. Where would you like to go?

Which animal companion do you own or would get if you had the chance?

Do you watch films by directors like Xavier Dolan, Sofia Coppola, Ben Wheatley and Chloe Zhao?

Time for food politics. Are you a vegan?

When you're at a party, what is the topic of conversation you find insufferable?

All the world's a stage. Do you go to the theater often?

Which of the following activities sounds like the most fun?

On the flip side, what sounds the most unpleasant?

Reading is important to the indie lifestyle. What's your bookcase look like?

What is your favorite Wes Anderson movie?

In this crazy world, how do you keep in contact with old friends?

How often do you spend time outside?

If you had to describe where you currently lived, what would you say?

How would you describe your photography setup?

Time to relax with a good book. What do you like to read?

Summer means music festivals. What are you going to go to?

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