How high in the Army would you rank?

By David Copper on March 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Ten Hut! Step up to the plate, soldier, and find out how high you would rank in the Army. Do you have what it takes to survive years of physicals, possibly go through life-endangering situations, and to defend your country with pride and honor? If you answered yes, this is the quiz for you. Consider yourself recruited, and get to work on this exam. But drop and give us 20 first!

Although knowing what rank you would hold in the Army probably won't do you any favors when you try to explain it to your commanding officer, it's a good motivational tool for you. As you get better with your field and leadership skills, you should have no problem rising through the ranks. Answer with all the honesty of a true warrior, tell us how much self discipline you have, and tell us about your life standards. Then, we'll let you in on just how high it's possible for you to get in the ranks. 

Lace up your boots and don't forget to write your mom! This quiz might challenge some of you like boot camp challenges a new recruit, but we know you can do it. Be all that you can possibly be, and earn your stripes!

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