How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

By: Kennita Leon
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Being in a relationship isn't as easy as Instagram makes it seem. It can be likened to having a pet; it needs to be fed, taken care of, nurtured and loved. If it's neglected, abused or isn't getting what it needs, it'll die. The sad thing is that while you can clearly tell when an animal is not happy, it's harder to tell because a relationship isn't a tangible thing. And if you're like many people who love the idea of love and prefer to wear their love goggles than to see the truth, it can be hard to tell whether your relationship is healthy or not. 

Our quiz has a spectrum of results that range from you being in a very healthy relationship, to you being in a relationship that needs to end. Is your lover being attentive, responsible, faithful and respectful? Or are they being condescending, nonchalant and a cheater? We'll analyze your answers and let you know what's really going on in your relationship. 

If you're ready to find out the truth about your love life, it's time to take this quiz. The truth may be hard to hear, or in this case, read, but you need to know. 

Would you honestly say that your relationship is healthy?

How long have you been together?

How did you two meet?

How often do you guys see each other?

How honest would you say your relationship is?

How does your partner make you feel?

How often does your partner make you feel special/appreciated?

How supportive is your partner?

What do you guys do for fun?

Have you ever traveled together?

Do you trust your partner?

Have you ever met your partner's friends?

And what about their family?

Would you be okay with your partner talking to their ex?

Has your partner ever cheated on you?

Have you ever cheated on them?

Who do you go to when you you and your partner are having problems?

Has social media ever negatively affected your relationship?

Would you say that you or your partner is controlling?

Have you ever avoided going home because of some drama?

When you have a disagreement, how does it normally go?

Does your partner criticize you often?

How often do you guys fight?

How bad do the fights usually get?

Have you ever gotten physical with each other?

Has your partner ever degraded you in public?

And how long do you guys stop talking for?

How often do you feel like you should end things?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how happy are you right now?

How do you feel when you think of your future?

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