How Healthy Is Your Diet Really?

By Teresa M. on May 02, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you eating as healthy as you think you are eating? With so many hidden sugars and additives in food these days, it can be easy to rack up the calories without even trying! During this quiz, we will examine your eating habits, your cravings and the things you eat on a regular basis. After we get a good feel for your overall diet, we'll let you know if you are eating like a marathon runner or a Sumo wrestler!

Eating an entirely healthy diet takes a lot of discipline and attention to the things you put into your body. While it's perfectly acceptable to have everything from fast food to cheesecake in moderation, some of us lack the willpower for such things. Although we might think we are eating healthy, unless we read every single label, it's impossible to know for sure. Tell us about your love of food and the things you normally consume, and we'll carefully examine the healthful level of your food intake! 

As you go through the quiz, we highly recommend snacking on some fruit. You will be presented with some tempting options, but we know that you can do it! Let's find out just how healthy your diet really is!

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