How Good of a Friend Are You?

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Everyone needs a good friend. It's a necessity when trying to navigate the world today. Because you know how valued great friends are, you probably need to evaluate how good of a friend you are. If you've never asked yourself that question, things aren't looking too great, but you can find out for sure with this quiz. Are you ready to find out if you're the best friend ever, or if you're taking way more than you give? Let's find out!

Are you the best friend ever? Do you always make sure your friends are good, you always make yourself available when they need you and you can laugh and cry with them? Are you a good friend? Do you stay in communication with them, make it a point to hang out and you share what's going on in your life with them? Are you a flaky friend? Does something always come up to the point where seeing you is as rare as seeing a unicorn? Or are you a frenemy? Are you secretly jealous of your "friend" and laugh when they fail or stumble? 

The truth can hurt, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't still find out your friendship skills. Ready? Let's get started!

Do you have good boundaries?

Would you lie to the police for your friend?

Your friend needs $100. Would you give it to them?

Your friend has had four drinks and is about to drive. Do you take their keys?

Your friend is considering wearing a hideous dress to speak in public. What do you do?

Your friend passive-aggressively posts on Facebook. You think it's about you. What do you do?

Does your friend know she can call you at 2 a.m.?

How is your reputation in your wider circle?

Has a friend ever told you off for not being a very good friend?

Have you ever ghosted a friend?

Have you ever stayed friends with someone who you felt bullied you?

Are you inspired to be a better person by your friends?

Would you let your friend drive your car?

Would you let your friend stay in your house while you are away?

Does your friend's dog like you?

Do you know your friend's birthday without checking?

Do you know all your friend's siblings' names and jobs?

Do you know your friend's food allergies?

Have you ever helped your friend move house?

Have you ever vouched for your friend professionally?

If your friend broke something in your home, how would you handle it?

Would you let your friend borrow your Netflix login?

If your friend said something really inappropriate, would you call them out?

If your friend were having a difficult time of it, would they feel safe to tell you?

Would you tell your friend if you didn't like the person they were dating?

Have you ever sent your friend a real physical postcard?

Have you ever helped out your friend when they were really drunk?

Do you know your friend's cell phone number by heart?

Does your friend know your real biggest ambition - the version you might not share with the whole world?

If your friend let you down, would you tell them?

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