How far would you get on The Price Is Right?

By: Teresa M.
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In 1972, Bob Barker took the stage and the announcer began saying, "Come on down!" Things have both changed and stayed the same on "The Price Is Right" since then, but you could still make it to the showcase showdown!

What prize would you like to take home?

Do you like Drew Carey as the host of "The Price Is Right"?

How do you think you would react to being told to "come on down"?

Which game on "The Price Is Right" do you think you would win?

Have you ever known anyone who has been on "The Price Is Right"?

Other than "The Price Is Right," what game show do you like most?

In what decade did you watch "The Price Is Right" most?

What new game would you like to see on "The Price Is Right"?

Who would travel to see "The Price Is Right" with you?

What California landmark would you see after you visited "The Price Is Right" studio?

Do you remember Drew Carey before "The Price Is Right"?

How would you do with a grocery pricing game?

Which prize would you not like to win?

What funny shirt might you wear on "The Price is Right"?

How would you outbid other contestants?

Who would you want to say hello to from the big stage?

What would you do after filming "The Price Is Right"?

Where would you get tickets to "The Price Is Right"?

Have you ever been on a game show?

Would you be nervous about being on camera?

Would you keep your prizes?

Do you win a lot of games?

Who would you hug first if you won a new car?

Which of your family members do you think would win the most on "The Price Is Right"?

What do you watch before "The Price Is Right"?

Who do you think should replace Drew Carey decades from now?

If you were a host on "The Price Is Right," what charity would you mention at the end of the show?

Which kind of contestant do you like most?

How far do you think you'll get on the show?

How would you travel to a taping of "The Price Is Right"?

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