How Far Would You Get in Survivor?

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If you were dropped on a remote island and left to fight for your life, not only against the elements but also your teammates, could you make it all the way? Would you be the best "Survivor" contestant in history, or would you bow out early?

What would you most hope to win during a reward challenge?

Which "Survivor" location would most like to visit?

What is the first thing you would do when you reach your "Survivor" location?

Which Survivor winner do you like most?

Which food do you hope is native to your location?

Where would you start to look for hidden immunity idols?

If you found a hidden immunity idol, would you tell you tribe?

What do you think is the hardest part of being a contestant on "Survivor?"

How would you try to start a fire?

Which animal would you eat in a survival situation?

Which word best describes how you think you would play the game?

Which Survivor challenge do you think you would ace?

How would you deal with conflict within your tribe?

Who are you most likely to take on a big reward challenge with you?

What would frighten you most about living in an outdoor camp?

What would you do with your "Survivor" winnings?

Other than "Survivor," which Mark Burnett show do you like most?

Which reality show do you like almost as much as "Survivor?"

If you were able to bring one survival item with you before getting on the island, what would it be?

How would your friends describe your competitive spirit?

Which challenge activity would show off your abilities to your tribe?

Which tribe member trait would make you crazy?

Why would you like to appear on "Survivor?"

If you could take someone with you on "Survivor," who would you make a tribe member?

What would make you want to leave "Survivor" early?

Why do you think "Survivor" has been so successful?

What would you do to make your shelter more comfortable?

Which "Survivor" location would you least like to be placed?

Which U.S. location do you think "Survivor" should film?

Would your athletic ability help you win "Survivor?"

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