How Emotionally Unavailable are You?

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Some people cry at the drop of a hat while others wonder why people get so bogged down by their feelings. When it comes to emotions there is a fine line between being totally dramatic, and completely emotionally unavailable. So how emotionally unavailable are you?

You have been going out with someone for a few weeks and things have been going great. When they tell you that they love you, how do you feel?

Your dog got out of the yard, how does this make you feel?

Your best friend is having a bad day, when they tell you about it, they start to cry. What do you do?

Do you like to talk things out with your significant other?

You are at a Super Bowl Party around a bunch of other people when everyone's favorite team loses. How do you react?

While watching a dance recital for teenage girls, one dancer slips and falls, how do you feel?

Your ex calls you because they are going through a tough time and want some sympathy. What do you do?

How many times have you thought you loved someone over your life?

Someone gives you a heartfelt card, telling you what you mean to them. How do you feel?

The person you are dating gives you candy hearts for Valentine's Day, are you happy?

Do you care if people can tell you are weak sometimes?

Are you attracted to people that are in serious relationships?

Do you tend to make jokes when serious things are happening?

Do you like working in a group?

How many good friends do you think you have?

Do you like enthusiastic people?

Do people think you are flirting with them, even when you are not?

Do you feel comfortable being single?

Do you like being hugged by people you don't know all that well?

Someone you have a crush on is playing hard to get. Does it work?

Do you cry at sad movies?

Are you ever the first one to say "I love you"?

Has someone said "I love you" to you and you have not said it back?

How often do you talk to your mom?

Do you like work birthday parties?

Your significant other gives you a surprise party, how do you feel?

Do you enjoy Christmas?

Have you ever written someone a long letter about your feelings?

Do you call people or do you always text?

How private are you?

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