How Easily Do You Fall For Internet BS?

Teresa M.

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Are you the type that gets riled up by everything you see on the internet, or do you know BS when you see it? Let's find out how easily you fall for what you see!

How many times a week do you check Snopes?

Would you click on a headline that read "Man Has Three Heads"?

Which news website do you like most?

What is your highest level of education?

What percentage of internet news do you think is fake news?

What do you post about most on Facebook?

Have you ever gotten a computer virus from clicking on something?

Do you know what the work clickbait means?

Do you think your best friend would say you are gullible?

Which streaming video service do you use most?

How much time do you spend on the internet each day?

What high school subject did you like most?

Which social media platform do you use most often?

Do you follow the POTUS on Twitter?

What do you save to your Pinterest boards most?

What do you have set as your Facebook profile picture?

Do you sign a lot of online petitions?

Have you ever taken an online survey for money?

Which word describes your job best?

Have you ever donated to a GoFund Me account?

Do you post about your political views a lot?

How do you communicate with people most?

Which character from "The Big Bang Theory" are you most like?

How would you rate your intelligence level?

Are you talkative?

Which celebrity are you most likely to follow on social media?

Do you share a lot of memes?

Which kind of videos do you like most?

Do you read labels on food packaging?

Do you actually read the terms and conditions when you sign up for a social media account?

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