How do you show your Love?

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Different people have different ways of expressing love. Find out just how you and your loved ones express your affection.

Which would instantly catch your eye?

After dinner, you would appreciate it more if your someone would:

You mention your plans for a family vacation to Hawaii, you hope that they would say:

It’s your grandmother’s birthday, what would you do?

Your colleague wants to lose weight but doesn’t know where to start, you would:

A street kid comes to you asking for some coins. Your immediate reaction is:

You arrive quite tired from work. What would you appreciate the most?

You’re flying back from a business trip and just before you board the plane you:

A patient wakes up from days of sleep. What do you think she will need the most?

Your friend called and said he had a terrible day at work. How would you react?

You meet an elderly neighbor who just came from the grocery store. You would likely:

You’re reliable so you were assigned more work than others. You would appreciate it if:

You’re left with your friend’s 5-year old girl for a day, what would you do?

You watched a very touching movie and cried, you would likely:

You have meetings to attend, tons of reports to finish and unending phone calls. You would appreciate:

An elderly friend drops his eyeglasses which then break. What would you do?

You have a persistent headache. What would you appreciate?

A friend fell ill and was advised bed rest for at least a week. You would:

At the breakfast table, what irritates you the most is:

Your youngest child has the flu. What would you do?

When someone commits a mistake, what do you usually find most irritating?

When buying a new phone, what would upset you the most?

You’re about to leave for another state/country due to a promotion. You would:

You see an ad about helping malnourished children in war-stricken areas. You reaction would be:

Your best friend’s dog met an accident and is now in serious condition. What would you do?

What would be the best thing about being the employee of the month?

It’s your anniversary. What would you cherish most from your loved one?

After a hurricane has stricken your locality, you would tend to:

Your roadside is filled with snow. You would appreciate:

It’s Christmas once again, what would you do?

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