How Cynical is Your Mother-in-Law?

By: Brian Whitney
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If you have a mother-in-law you may have had to deal with some cynicism from her about a few things. Or maybe you haven't? Just how cynical is she really?

Does your mother-in-law have a negative attitude about your relationship with your partner?

Does she ever openly criticize things that you do?

Does she complain about the cleanliness of your house?

Is she supportive of your career choices?

Does she complain that you live too far away?

Does she ever insinuate that you should make more money?

Does she complain that your partner puts you before her?

Do you think she asks your partner to keep secrets for her?

How often does she compliment your appearance?

Do you two ever hang out as buddies?

What is her attitude when you all go out together to a restaurant?

How long are you expected to hang out around holidays?

How does she act when you give her a present?

Does she ever complain about your cooking?

Does she ever make comments about how much she likes someone that used to go out with your partner?

Does she ever interfere when you are having an argument with your partner?

Does she ever try to rearrange things at your house?

Does she ever act like she is more high-class than you.

What is your mother-in-law's attitude toward life?

Which word describes her best?

Is she happy in her relationship?

Does she try and guilt trip your partner all the time?

Is she happy with how her life turned out?

If she were younger, what would be a good career for her?

What kind of books does she like?

Would she ever snoop through your stuff?

If you had a wedding, how did she behave?

Does she ever show up without letting you know she is coming?

How does she take criticism?

If you could pick a different mother-in-law, would you?

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