How Creative are You?

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Some of us are gifted in the sense that we come up with original ideas and are artistic, while some of us are not creative at all. Where do you fall on the creative scale?

Have you are ever chosen your art over a relationship?

If you worked in an advertising company, what would your job most likely be?

Have you ever written poetry?

Have you ever been in a band?

How often do new ideas come to you?

What do you do when you get new creative ideas?

Do you often tell people about great ideas that you have?

Which of these appeals to you most?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

What do you think if someone puts down your idea?

Do you like routine?

Would you be poor to do the work that you love?

How often do you follow through on your creative impulses?

What kind of book would you be likely to write?

Do your friends ask you for advice when they have an idea?

What would you most likely do on stage?

What would you be most likely to paint?

Which of these artists are you familiar with?

Would you like to work at home?

Which movie do you like the most?

How would you describe yourself?

Which band from the '90s is your favorite?

What do you have on your walls at home?

Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Do you like figuring things out on your own, or having it explained to you?

How would you paint your home?

Were you encouraged to be creative as a child?

Where do you want to live?

Does your partner encourage you to follow your creative dreams?

What do you think of video game design?

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