How Conceited Are You?

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While there are some people that might say you are stuck on yourself, you just call it confidence. Are you conceited, or are you really just that good?

How good looking are you?

Do you tend to have success with the opposite sex?

How do you see your future?

Someone is looking at you from across the room. Why?

How often do you look in the mirror?

How much product do you use in your hair?

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Do you have true friends?

Do you try to be nice to people that are different than you?

How successful are you at flirting with strangers?

Are you smarter than most people you know?

You bring up an idea at a meeting and your coworker says she doesn't like it. How do you feel?

Do you like working in teams?

What do other people at work think of you?

Would you be a better boss than the one you have?

Is not acting confident all the time a sign of weakness?

Do people ever say you are pushy?

Is it hard to find someone in a relationship that is on your level?

How important are looks to you in a relationship?

Do you like to tell people about your accomplishments?

Do friends ever tell you to tone it down a little?

In a class at college you notice your teacher staring at you a lot while he or she lectures. Why?

In a normal one-on-one conversation, who talks most?

While home for Thanksgiving, your aunt asks what you have been doing lately. How do you feel?

How patient are you with other people's political views?

Would you want to spend a month in solitude if all your needs were taken care of?

Do you like it when people stare at you?

Does it bother you when other people talk about themselves a lot?

Would you rather be someone else?

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