How Close to Getting Married Are You?

By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Some of us are ready to get married, like yesterday, while some of us need more time. Some of us are pretty close to walking down they aisle, while some of us don't want to go near it. And some of us just don't know about marriage, if we want it or when we want it. Despite how ready or unready you think you are, our quiz will tell you the things you may not be ready to admit to yourself. So are you putting on a front or are you ready to be front and center, walking to your soon-to-be spouse? Let's find out. 

Are you already a wife or husband in your head? You're so ready that it makes waiting seem like torture. Are you OK to wait a while? You want to be married but you're not in a rush to do it. Or are you as unready as can be? If someone showed you an engagement ring today, you'd run for the hills. Which are you? 

We know we've got what it takes to tell you the truth about how you really feel about getting married, so let's find out how ready you really are. We hope you can handle the truth!

How convinced are you that your current partner is "the one"?

Do you have a reception hall picked out?

When you imagine your future, is your current partner there?

How long have you been dating your significant other?

Do you have the music picked out for your wedding day?

Do you know who will be your best man or maid of honor?

How serious are your discussions about marriage with your significant other?

How well do you know your partner?

Would you consider your partner to be your best friend?

Have you decided exactly where the exchange of vows will take place?

Is it important to you that your partner's family likes you?

Does your partner challenge and inspire you to be a better person?

How vulnerable are you with your significant other?

Have you decided where you will go on your honeymoon?

How much do you trust your partner?

How convinced are you that your current partner is the perfect fit for you?

Do you make important life decisions together?

Do you get envious when your friends tell you their dating stories?

Do you think engagement pictures are annoying?

How regularly are you in contact with your partner's family members?

Does hearing a story about your partner's ex make you jealous?

Does hearing your partner do their business in the bathroom gross you out?

In an argument with your partner, are you more likely to solve it or run away?

Do you think your partner is responsible for your happiness?

Are you dreading or looking forward to the wedding?

Are you keeping any secrets from your partner?

How aligned are you and your partner's beliefs and morals?

Do you keep having the same argument over and over again?

Which motivation best fits why you are getting married?

How compatible are you and your partner sexually?

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