How Close to Getting Married Are You?

By Steven Miller on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Some of us are ready to get married, like yesterday, while some of us need more time. Some of us are pretty close to walking down they aisle, while some of us don't want to go near it. And some of us just don't know about marriage, if we want it or when we want it. Despite how ready or unready you think you are, our quiz will tell you the things you may not be ready to admit to yourself. So are you putting on a front or are you ready to be front and center, walking to your soon-to-be spouse? Let's find out. 

Are you already a wife or husband in your head? You're so ready that it makes waiting seem like torture. Are you OK to wait a while? You want to be married but you're not in a rush to do it. Or are you as unready as can be? If someone showed you an engagement ring today, you'd run for the hills. Which are you? 

We know we've got what it takes to tell you the truth about how you really feel about getting married, so let's find out how ready you really are. We hope you can handle the truth!

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