How Antisocial Are You?

By: Diana Spasic
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If you like spending time alone, does that make you antisocial? Maybe, and maybe not. People often mistake being an introvert for being antisocial. Are you introverted, or are you just a little bit shy? Do you despise other people? Sometimes we aren't sure if we're really antisocial or just having a bad week, month or even year.

There are many possibilities – you might be an antisocial introvert, or you might be a social introvert, or an unfriendly extrovert. You might be a part of the group of people called ambiverts who possess the qualities of both extroversion and introversion.  An antisocial personality is not the same as an antisocial personality disorder, which defines people who disregard or violate the rights of other people. When we say antisocial personality, it refers to those who continuously avoid the company of other people.

Do you look forward to social gatherings? Are you happy to attend various events and mingle with a bunch of people now and then? If you've been avoiding socializing for a while, or your whole life, does that undeniably mean that you're antisocial? Can you tell the difference between being shy and having an antisocial personality?
Take this quiz to find out!

You wanted to go to your best friend's birthday party, but you accidentally overslept and missed it. How do you feel?

Have you ever been to the movies alone?

How likely are you to ignore your phone when it rings?

Is it difficult for you to comply with everyday social rules?

A friend calls you and tells you to get ready, they're coming to pick you up and take you somewhere fun. What do you say?

You're at a party and you realize you don't know anybody but the host, and the host is busy. What do you do?

Have you ever lied or made up a reason for not showing up at a party?

How often do you go out with friends?

Do you often feel insecure when you're in a large group of people?

Are you afraid of being rejected by people, including friends and love interests?

Do you prefer working alone or are you a team player?

How do you usually greet your friends?

Would you say that you are good at flirting?

Do you usually trust people?

A cute, single neighbor has just moved in and they are exactly your type. What do you do?

How often do you feel betrayed by other people?

What's your idea of a perfect party you'd gladly attend?

If you had a job in a store, which task would you enjoy the most?

You are about to go out and pick up your mail, but you see a couple of neighbors chatting right beside the mailbox. What do you do?

Which person in your life do you talk to most?

When was the last time you got into a real physical fight with someone?

You're out running errands and you see someone you know, but you don't feel like talking to them. What do you do?

If you were a celebrity, how would you act when going out in public?

What would be your ideal pet?

What do you think about people who call you instead of answering your text with a text?

When you're at the store, and the seller asks you if you need any help, how does it make you feel?

How do you feel about people who brag all the time?

Have you mastered the art of small talk?

When someone is constantly peeking at your phone or PC screen, how does it make you feel?

You suspect your classmates or coworkers are gossiping about you. How do you react?

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