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If you grew up in the 90s, "All That" was definitely a show to watch. How "All That" were you? Test your knowledge of the show!

Which R&B group sang the theme song for "All That?"

For every episodes from season 1 - 6, the All That theme song was sung by girl group, TLC.


Kel Mitchell played a fast food cashier working at what restaurant?

Kel Mitchell played a clueless cashier who worked at Good Burger for five seasons.


What was the name of the clueless cashier from the Good Burger sketch?

In the TV sketch and later in the film, the Good Burger cashier was Ed.


Who played Ed's co-worker, Dexter?

Although not originally part of the sketch, Kenan Thompson was added to the Good Burger sketch as Ed's coworker.


What was the name of Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson's spin-off show?

Kenan & Kel were given their own show on Nickelodeon that lasted for 4 seasons.


In the "Dullmont Junior High" sketch, what was the name of the principal with the pulsing pimple on his forehead?

Principal William Baines Pimpell was the principal of Dullmont Junior High and only ever wanted to talk about the pulsing pimple on his forehead.


What vegetable was Miss Piddlin, the cafeteria lady, obsessed with?

Miss Piddlin, played by Kenan Thompson, had an obsession with peas and would lose her temper when her students refused to eat them.


Which of these wasn't one of The Spice Boys?

Scary Spice wasn't one of the members of the spice boys, but they were joined by Mumbly Spice and Spice Cube.


In Josh Server's skit, Walter the Earboy, what was wrong with Walter's ears?

Attending Dullmont Junior High, Walter was often made fun of for his 'really big' ears!


In "Walter the Earboy," who played Walter's friend, Pizza Face?

Kel Mitchell played friend Pizza Face, who had a slice of pizza for a face. Their other friends were Tinsel Teeth and Four Eyes.


The skit "The Island Girls" was a spoof off of what show?

The Island Girls was a spoof of Gilligan's Island where two girls were stranded after their boats collided with each other.


What was the name of the sketch where Lori Beth Denberg would give short one liners of information?

With a serious face, Lori Beth would give her ridiculous information like "Three blind mice. See how they run...into things."


Which cast member took over Vital Information after Lori Beth Denberg?

Danny Tamberelli took over Vital Information for seasons 5-6.


Who played Superdude/Mark Cant?

The Adventures of Superdude, a parody of Superman, starred Kenan Thompson as Superdude.


What was Superdude's weakness?

Superdude was lactose-intolerant and went against villains like Milk Man, Butter Boy, and Yogurl.


Who played Superdude's nemesis, Milk Man?

Josh Server, who played roles like Pizza Face, Mumbly Spice, and Walter the Earboy, also played Milk Man, Superdude's enemy.


What was the name of the girl who had a TV series about answering questions on her bed?

One of the most popular segments on All That, "Ask Ashley" was about a preteen who answered viewer questions before often breaking into a rant.


Who played Ashley in the "Ask Ashley" segment?

Amanda Bynes got her big break when she starred as Ashley in the All That sketch, Ask Ashley.


What was Ashley's punchline after she said, "Dear Ashley?"

From Seasons 3-6, the opening lines of each letter she read was "Dear Ashley. Thaaat's me!"


The sketch USS Spaceship was a parody of which show?

USS Spaceship was a sketch starring Amanda Bynes, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, and Kenan Thompson.


What was the captain of the USS Spaceship?

Captain Tantrum, played by Amanda Bynes, was a child who often threw tantrums so the crew would agree with everything she wanted.


Who starred as the loud librarian?

From Seasons 2-4, Lori Beth Denberg starred as the ironic loud librarian.


What did the loud librarian do when she caught the students being "loud?"

Often when her students argued for not being loud, she would pull out an air horn and blow it until they stopped talking.


Which cast member played Repairman?

Kel Mitchell starred as the goofy and unhelpful Repairman from seasons 2-5.


In Kenan Thompson and Angelique Bates' cooking show in seasons 1-2, what were their names?

Cooking with Randy and Mandy was a skit about two teens who had their own cooking show.


What ingredient did Randy and Mandy always put on their food?

Randy and Many were obsessed with chocolate, even showing in one episode Randy taking a bath in chocolate rather than water.


In the sketch, Whateverrr! with Amanda Bynes and Christy Knowings, what celebrity were they obsessed with?

Whateverrr! was a TV show hosted by two ditsy teens obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio.


What city did Kenan's character live in for the sketch where he stayed in a bathtub?

In the skit, Everyday French, Kenan Thompson played a Frenchman who would say something amusing in French before translating it into English.


What was the name of Kenan's character in Everyday French?

From seasons 1-5, Kenan starred as Pierre Escargot in Everyday French.


Which cast mates starred in "Life with Peter and Flem?"

Life of Peter and Flem starred Kel Mitchel and Josh Server who played a smart individual and his... less intellectual friend.


What was the name of the skit featuring a young girl would would trick people to purchase her drinks?

Lemonade Scammer featured a young girl (played by Katrina Johnson) who would would trick her customers into buying her lemonade by giving them peanuts doused in pepper juice.


When Detective Dan would leave a room, what would the person always say about him?

Detective Dan, played by Josh Server, was a private investigator who often made his cases worse than better.


Lori Beth's character in Complaint Department would often fall in love with which other All That character?

Although her character would often give terrible advice as the Complaint Department Clerk, her advice often made sense to Ed which prompted them to quickly fall in love.


Which talk show host did Kel parody in one of his skits?

Kel starred in "Okrah," a parody of Oprah where he would talk to kids with bad habits or odd talents like drinking an entire gallon of tomato juice.


What vegetable did the cast often carry around with them?

Throughout the series, all the cast mates can be seen carrying The Big Ear of Corn.


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