Pretend You're on "House Hunters" With Your Love, and We'll Show You Your Perfect Home

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Buying a house is a truly overwhelming process for many people. It's the biggest decision you'll ever make, financially speaking - even more than what car to buy or where to go to college. It can affect your life more than many career decisions and even more than who you date. Arguably, the only larger decision in terms of lifestyle impact is having a child or children.

That means you don't just need advice, you need advice that's fun and takes some of the unbearable stress out of the situation. It's why home makeover and house purchasing shows are so popular. Sure, they do tend to glamorize the process and skip past some of the more boring stuff, and they do often feature a couple whose dual jobs as a specialist jam maker and a yoga teacher surely can't actually cover the cost of the splendid homes they acquire in the shows. Still, there's a lot to learn from watching this fantasy version of house-shopping play out. It helps us figure out what kind of house we want and what lifestyle it will provide. So, indulge your ideal home purchase fantasy with us, and we'll figure out what your dream house looks like!

What climate is your house in?

How many bedrooms are there?

What ridiculous job are you going to claim you have for the sake of getting on show?

What view will you have from your window?

What will the parking situation be?

Who will live with you?

Will any animals be living there?

How do you feel about knowing your neighbors?

How much cleaning do you want to do?

What sound do you want to hear in the morning?

Where will you get your fruits and vegetables?

What sort of outdoor space will you have?

How will you get to and from your house?

What sort of square footage do you need?

What is your house made of?

How old is it?

What storage does it have?

What outbuildings are there?

How will you heat your house?

What type of events will you host there?

How much will you cook for yourself?

Do you need a lot of fancy culture nearby?

How high do you like the ceilings?

How accessible does the house have to be?

Do you mind learning another language?

Do you love the big city?

Do you get antsy if you don't have 20 kinds of Thai food available at 3 a.m.?

What kind of dirt can you handle?

Do you mind spending a lot on maintaining your home?

What faux disagreement about the house will you gin up with your boo just to improve the ratings?

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