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Stanley Kubrick's classic comedy, "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb," stars the great Peter Sellers in three hilarious roles. How much do you remember about this 1964 political satire?

Where are the Russians developing their doomsday device?

The Russians have an establishment on Zhokhov Island where they are developing the super-bomb they call the doomsday device. Yes, it's a real place, located in the East Siberian Sea, in an area about as remote as you can get.


Which of these roles does Peter Sellers not play?

Sellers does not play Major King Kong, pilot of the B-52 bomber where much of the movie is set. That role went to Slim Pickens.


What unusual order does General Ripper give to Captain Mandrake for Burpelson Air Force Base?

The first sign that something is amiss with General Jack D. Ripper comes when he issues an order that the base be sealed off and all non-military radios be confiscated. Despite his protests, Captain Mandrake eventually complies with the strange demand.


What is the Airborne Alert Force?

The Airborne Alert Force consists of a fleet of B-52 bombers that carry nuclear weapons, as well as other bombs. They patrol the skies at all times so that bombers are never more than two hours from Russia, in case trouble arises.


What do the movie's characters call the Russians?

During the Cold War, the word Russkie became a common term for Russian people. Pronounced "Rooskie," it was considered by some to be derogatory.


What is General Buck Turgidson doing when he is informed of Gen. Ripper's order to attack Russia?

General Turgidson seems more interested in his affair with his secretary, Miss Scott, than taking care of urgent military business. He is lounging with her, both wearing swim wear, when he gets word that an order to bomb Russia has been issued.


What is the "R" in Wing Attack Plan R?

The R stands for Robert. Why? Who knows?


Which of these is not one of General Ripper's three rules his men are to follow if the enemy attacks the base?

General Ripper is less concerned about casualties than he is about making sure the base is not breached in any way. If that means firing indiscriminately, so be it.


Why does Mandrake doubt the claim that a Russian attack is underway?

Although Ripper has commanded that all civilian radios be confiscated, Mandrake finds one that was missed. When he notes that a normal music program is being broadcast, he assumes that if a Russian attack really was underway, the radio would be playing news coverage of the situation.


What is Ripper's preferred drink?

Ripper is an eccentric guy, no doubt about it, and a man's man, too. His favorite alcoholic beverage is grain alcohol mixed with rain water.


Who briefs President Muffley about the situation regarding Ripper's order to attack Russia?

General Turgidson manages to tear himself away from his girlfriend long enough to take care of a little business. He joins the President and his top military advisors in the war room to let them know about Ripper's order and the current status of the situation.


What does Ripper think the Russians are adding to the water to pollute Americans' bodily fluids?

Clearly insane, Ripper tells Mandrake that the Russians are using fluoride to taint the water in the United States. He believes this is a plot to pollute Americans' bodily fluids.


What is required to counter Rippert's command and stop the attack on Russia?

Part of Plan R includes disabling communication with the bombers once the command is given. The only way to restore communication is the use of a three-digit code, but Ripper is the only one who knows it and he refuses to tell anyone else, so there is no way to tell the pilots to call off the mission.


Who interrupts General Turgidson with a phone call during his meeting with the President and the military command?

Miss Scott, the general's very needy secretary and girlfriend, doesn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. She's lonely and calls her man to find out when he'll be coming home.


A surprise visitor is admitted to the war room during the critical discussion about the impending attack. Who is it?

During this most sensitive meeting, the Russian ambassador is invited to the war room for a briefing. Of course, he takes advantage of the situation by subtly taking photos of the room, including the top secret maps that line the walls.


What is the name of the Russian premier in the film?

Although he doesn't appear in the film, Russian Premier Dmitri Kissov is an important character. President Muffley carries on a long conversation with him during the most pivotal moments of the impending attack, and he is one of many characters with names that are plays on words.


What happens when the U.S. Army tries to enter the base to stop Ripper's attack on Russia?

Ripper has given orders for his troops to shoot first and ask questions later. They are nothing if not obedient, so when U.S. troops approach, they are subjected to heavy fire, even though they are on the same side as those inside the compound.


Why can't Mandrake do anything to stop the fighting as U.S. troops try to storm the base?

When the U.S. troops inside and outside the base perimeter begin firing at each other, Mandrake is powerless to do anything. Ripper, whose mental state is deteriorating rapidly, has locked the two of them in his office and all communications have been severed.


Why does the Russian ambassador warn the President to be careful when talking to the Russian premier?

The Russians are known for loving their vodka, and apparently the premier is no different. As he is about the make the critical call to Moscow, the ambassador gives President Muffley a heads up that his boss might be drunk.


How do the people gathered in the war room get the phone number for the Central Air Defense Headquarters?

Apparently the President's Rolodex isn't quite complete. Trying desperately to come up with a plan, the assembled leaders want to place a call to the headquarters of the Central Air Defense, but no one knows the number. No problem, just call information.


What will trigger the Russians' doomsday device?

In the midst of the crisis, the Americans learn that the Russians have created a secret doomsday device. No order is needed to set it off. The series of deadly bombs is programmed to detonate automatically in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia.


What will happen if the doomsday device goes off?

The powerful doomsday device will spread a radioactive shroud all across the globe. Within two months, all human and plant life will die.


What makes Ripper think the Russians are tampering with the water?

As he becomes completely unhinged, Ripper shares more information with Mandrake about his wild conspiracy theory. He believes the Russians are using fluoride to tamper with the water in the U.S. and his only source of evidence is that he never sees Russians drinking water.


Why won't the Russians try to stop the doomsday device?

The Russian premier and ambassador would like to stop the impending implosion of the device, but their hands seem to be tied. In a pretty serious design flaw, its creators have set it to detonate immediately if anyone tries to dismantle it or tamper with it in any way. Oops.


Why do the Russians think the Americans are working on a doomsday device of their own?

Who needs spies when you can just get a newspaper subscription? When the ambassador reveals that the Russians are under the impression that the U.S. is also creating a doomsday device, he is asked why they think that. The answer? "We read it in the New York Times."


What does the billboard at Burpelson Air Force Base say?

There is a large billboard at Burpelson that is the focus of attention during the battle between the troops inside the base and those trying to get in. It reads Peace in our Profession. Ah, the irony!


What is Mandrake's role in helping Rippert as the general fires on troops outside the building?

When Ripper grabs a large gun and begins firing on his own troops, Mandrake has little choice but to help him because they are locked in a room together. His assigned role is to hold a large, heavy belt containing ammunition and feed the bullets to Ripper's gun.


What happens to General Ripper?

As things deteriorate rapidly, with troops closing in on their location, Ripper surprises Mandrake when he goes into the bathroom and calmly prepares to shave. Moments later, a shot rings out and Mandrake finds that Ripper has committed suicide.


With official communications within the building cut off, how does Mandrake get in touch with the President?

With few options left, Mandrake finds a pay phone in the hallway and places a call to the President, but he runs into a problem. It's a long distance call and he runs out of change, so he convinces a soldier to shoot open a nearby Coke machine, which yields enough cash to complete his mission.


Why doesn't King Kong turn his plane back once the bombing mission is aborted?

Kong is not able to learn about the aborted mission because an earlier missile attack has seriously damaged his plane, knocking out the communication system and leaving him unable to receive any messages at all.


Why can't Kong reach his primary bombing target?

The missile that hit Kong's plane isn't his only problem. He is also running dangerously low on fuel and realizes he does not have enough to reach his designated target, so he chooses one that is closer.


What song plays during the team's attempt to open the plane's damaged bomb bay doors?

When the bomb bay doors are jammed from the missile damage, the crew tries desperately to open them and free the bomb. During the scene, the classic Civil War song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, plays loudly.


What happens when the bomb bay doors finally open?

When his crew is unable to pry the doors open, King Kong leaves the cockpit and tries to help. In the process, he straddles the bomb and when the doors finally open, he rides it like a horse, whooping like a rodeo rider as he descends.


What physical affliction does Dr. Strangelove have?

Not only is Dr. Strangelove in a wheelchair, he has a mechanical arm with a mind of its own. As he talks with the President and military leaders, he struggles mightily to keep it under control.


Where does Dr. Strangelove propose sending people to start a new civilization?

Dr. Strangelove thinks it will be possible to preserve the human race by sending about 700,000 people into mine shafts to live and reproduce over the course of about a century. General Turgidson is anxious to volunteer when he learns that there would be many more women than men, giving him a wide variety of sexual partners to impregnate.


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