Here's the hero-villain tandem. Guess which movie they came from!

By: Olivia Cantor
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Have a hero, and a villain will follow -- or vice versa. That's always the case with movies, whether be it superhero action flicks or dramatic and comedy flicks. Think you can decipher which film these contrasting characters came from? Then take this quiz and find out!

Soon-to-graduate FBI agent Clarice Starling uses behavioral psych tactics to talk to psychiatrist-turned-serial killer Hannibal Lecter. In which movie did they appear?

"Silence of the Lambs" is the classic '90s film that featured the unforgettable villain, Hannibal, the nemesis of FBI agent, Starling. The film was directed by Jonathan Demme.

In this version, the Dark Knight has a sidekick, while he's being chased by his enemies, Dr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. In what Caped Crusader film version can you find them?

"Batman & Robin" was directed by Joel Schumacher. It starred George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell.

In this film series, Capt. Jack Sparrow has to fight off many enemies who take turns in finding him and seeking revenge, like Davy Jones, Capt. Hector Barbossa, Capt. Armando Salazar, and Blackbeard. In which film series can you find them all?

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series is based on a theme park ride that's very popular in Disneyland. But ever since the film version was released, the theme park version of Capt. Sparrow looks like Johnny Depp...

When this all-American boxer fights off enemies like bad boy Clubber Lang, Russian Ivan Drago, and enemy-turned-friend Apollo Creed, then you know you're watching this movie series. Which one is it?

The "Rocky" series was originally Stallone's dream project. Lucky for him someone believed in it and produced it!

When you have the Dark Lord named Darth Vader fighting off benevolent Jedi like Luke Skywalker, then you know you're watching this decades-strong space saga. Which film series is this?

The "Star Wars" saga began in the '70s. We're still seeing spin-off stories!

NYPD Detective John McClane had to fight off European terrorist Hans Gruber in one version, and Hans' brother, Simon Gruber, in another. In which film series can you find them?

The "Die Hard" film series continues the story of John McClane.

Jean Valjean covertly continues his life after being imprisoned for so long, only to find Police Inspector Javert still pursuing him. In which musical can you hear these people singing the song of angry men?

"Les Miserables" starred Russell Crowe as the pursuing Javert. Hugh Jackman starred as Jean Valjean. Powerhouse singing cast!

Super-smart teenager Frank Abagnale Jr. poses as a Pan Am pilot to get free plane rides and cash forged fake checks, but FBI agent Carl Hanratty is always chasing after him, usually being left to bite the dust. In which film can you see this?

"Catch Me If You Can" was directed by Steven Spielberg. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the wily teen. Tom Hanks played the FBI agent pursuing him.

At the end of a mutant-filled day, we all know that Professor X's ex-best friend, Magneto, is really his enemy. In which superhero film series can you find these two?

The X-Men series of the 2000s was about Professor X and Magneto duking it out. The later film reboots focused on their younger years, showing how their friendship went awry.

In this movie musical, a gang of white teens named The Jets are always out to get their rival Puerto Rican gang named The Sharks, whenever they encounter each other on the streets of New York. In which film do they dance their angst away?

"West Side Story" is a musical remake of "Romeo and Juliet." This time, the setting is in New York City. The racial tension between the two teen gangs was a good update of the original.

Mr. Anderson, a.k.a. Neo, is being hounded by this suit-and-shades-wearing, generic-looking officer, Agent Smith, who moves faster than a speeding bullet. In which film did these dudes duke it out?

"The Matrix" was a pioneering film by the Wachowski siblings. It starred Keanu Reeves as Neo and Hugo Weaving as the Agent.

When these Middle Earth creatures band together to fight off the ultimate bad entity named Sauron, then you know you're watching this Tolkien-inspired saga. Which film series is this?

Lord of the Rings is a series of fantasy books written by JRR Tolkien. Peter Jackson directed the film versions.

Biff Tannen is the all-American high school bully who tormented George McFly in the '50s, and later tormented his son, Marty McFly, when he time-traveled there from the '80s. In which ​film can you spot these teens?

"Back to the Future" found Marty duking it out with Biff in various ways. He encountered a younger Biff, an older Biff, and an alternative Biff married to his mom!

Younger vampire, Selena, battles it out with the vampire elder, Viktor, in this saga between dark clans. What film series is this?

"Underworld" was a series of films that starred Kate Beckinsale. There are five films in the action-packed series.

When a bunch of paleontologists/mathematicians like Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm find themselves fighting off larger-than-life enemies like velociraptors, you know you're watching this film. Can you guess the film?

"Jurassic Park" was directed by Steven Spielberg. It was based on Michael Crichton's novel.

Kevin McCallister is no wimpy kid as he devises plots to thwart "Wet Bandits" Harry and Marv from stealing from his Christmas-decorated house. Which fun flick is this?

"Home Alone" made Macaulay Culkin a household name. It spawned a sequel.

Edward, a man with cutting implements for hands, tries not to cut off his rival, Jim, the obnoxious boyfriend-turned-ex of Kim, the teen girl Edward took a liking to. In which Tim Burton classic can you find them?

Edward Scissorhands was played by Johnny Depp. Jim was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

In this sci-fi saga, officer Ellen Ripley battles it out with an extraterrestrial being, film after film. Which movie is this?

The "Alien" film series had Ripley battling it out with a constant alien enemy. Sigourney Weaver starred in this classic sci-fi action film.

In this futuristic film, Sylvester Stallone played policeman John Spartan, who was cryogenically frozen to wake up at a later date. But he finds his evil nemesis, Simon Phoenix, also being awakened during the future, where they take their shootout to the next high-tech level. Which film is this?

"Demolition Man" was a sci-fi action flick with a touch of comedy. Aside from Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes playing the good guy and bad guy, Sandra Bullock was also there!

In this dark psychological film, Nina Sayers trains hard to be the Swan Queen while eyeing fellow ballerina, Lily, as her perceived nemesis. That is, until onstage and offstage, life becomes a blur for her. In which film can you find these fighting femmes?

Black Swan was directed by Darren Aronofsky. It's interesting that the hero could also be the villain here, as played by Natalie Portman.

Charlie Crocker and his team of sophisticated robbers who pulled a successful gig in Venice, Italy, later pursue one of their own, Steve Frazelli, who went on the Venice gig and stole the loot from his own band of robbers. Of course, Charlie plans to get back that loot. In which film can you find these robbers?

"The Italian Job" starred Mark Walhberg as Charlie and Edward Norton as the double-crossing Steve. It's actually a remake of a British film.

In this very metallic-sounding film, a group of changing robots, the benevolent Autobots, are always fighting off another such group, the malevolent Decepticons. In which film franchise can you find these furiously-fighting bots?

"Transformers" is based on an animated TV series. It's a vehicle for selling these unique toys.

A very rugged fighter, General Maximus Decimus Meridus, wants to get medieval on his nemesis, Commodus. In which ancient civilization film can you find these two?

Russell Crowe played the avenging Maximus, while Joaquin Phoenix played the evil Commodus in "Gladiator." The film was directed by Ridley Scott.

The spirit of Sam Wheat tries to pursue Willie Lopez, the guy who robbed him and shot him dead, only to find out that his real enemy is his best friend, Carl Bruner, who orchestrated the act. In which '90s hit film did these two guys haunt each other?

In "Ghost," Patrick Swayze was Sam and Carl was Tony Goldwyn. It's actually a whodunit, if you overlook the romantic storyline with Demi Moore.

The Boy Who Lived discovers his true nature as his life nemesis, Lord Voldemort, tries to regain his lost power and plots to kill the boy at all costs. In which film series did these characters duel to the ​death?

The entire "Harry Potter" film series was based on the saga of Voldemort getting back into power. But Harry is there to thwart him.

In this trippy '80s flick, David Bowie played the Goblin King being challenged by teenager Sarah Williams, played by Jennifer Connelly. In which Jim Henson muppets-filled musical film can you find them?

"Labyrinth" was a 1986 fantasy film. Puppeteer Jim Henson directed it. George Lucas was the executive producer.

When you're watching a chain-smoking, lung cancer-ridden detective named John, whose nemesis is named Lucifer Morningstar, the one out to collect his soul when he eventually dies, you know you're watching this film.

Constantine is a character from graphic novels. It starred Keanu Reeves.

When a machine-gun-toting Alice is ready to fire off with a bunch of zombies created by her former employer, Umbrella Corporation, you know it's not just a game anymore when you're watching Milla Jovovich fight off those baddies. What film series is this?

"Resident Evil" was a lackluster film series, according to critics. But its popularity stemmed from the popularity of the original video games upon which the story is based.

In this interesting mesh of a monster-packed movie, we find our heroes, Gabriel and Anna Valerious, slugging it out with literary baddies, Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Count Dracula, werewolves, and even Dr. Jeckyl with Mr. Hyde. Which film is this?

Interesting to see Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale headline "Van Helsing."The film was directed by Stephen Sommers.

When a family of covert superheroes gets called out of retirement because a superhero wannabe named Syndrome wreaks havoc on their brood, then you know you're following the animated adventures of this clan. What is this film?

"The Incredibles," particularly Mr. Incredible, didn't know that he "inspired" the formation of a future nemesis. That guy is Syndrome, who wanted to be the sick sidekick when he was a boy.

A brilliant but convicted murderer, Dr. Richard Kimble, runs away from one "enemy," U.S. Marshall Sam Gerard, to find his real enemy, the One-Armed Man who supposedly killed his wife. In which film can you watch this not-so-trivial pursuit?

"The Fugitive" was a hit in 1993. It starred Harrison Ford as Kimble and Tommy Lee Jones as the U.S. marshal hunting him.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard days were featured in this film, as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss sue him for apparently stealing the idea for FB. In which film are they found?

"The Social Network" was directed by David Fincher from a script by Aaron Sorkin. Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg,. Armie Hammer played the dual roles of the Winklevoss twins.

When you're a boy named Alan Parrish, who played a board game, gets trapped in it, and is now pursued by a big-game hunter named Van Pelt out to shoot you, you know you rolled the dice badly inside this world. Which film is this?

"Jumanji" is a 1995 film that also starred a young Kirsten Dunst. It was directed by Joe Johnston.

When you're L.A. SWAT officer Jack Traven pursuing bomber terrorist Howard Payne, who rigged a bus to blow up when it slows down to 50 miles per hour, then you know you're riding on this film. What is its title?

"Speed" starred Keanu Reeves as the L.A. police officer and Dennis Hopper as the loony bomber. Sandra Bullock shot to fame with this one as the bus driver.

A married man, Dan Gallagher, has an affair with femme fatale Alex Forrest, who later turns into a deadly stalker out to get him. In which film can you see this romance- gone-wrong storyline?

"Fatal Attraction" starred Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.

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