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Test your knowledge of the timeless Irving Berlin Christmas movie, "Holiday Inn,"which stars Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire! Celebrate the songs, the holidays, and the trivia!

What year did "Holiday Inn" premiere?

Paramount Pictures' "Holiday Inn" came to movie theaters in 1942. It was directed by Mark Sandrich, with music by Iriing Berlin.


Who was the musical composer of "Holiday Inn"?

The music was written by Irving Berlin. He wrote twelve songs specifically for the film. He is widely thought of as one of the greatest songwriters in American history


What song, written by Irving Berlin, is the best known from the movie?

According to the "Guinness World Records," the version of "White Christmas" sung by Bing Crosby (from the movie) is the best-selling single of all time. The sales are in excess of 100 million copies worldwide. Other versions of the song, along with Crosby's, have sold over 150 million copies


What was the filming budget of "Holiday Inn"?

The film's budget was $ 3.2 million. "Holiday Inn" was produced and directed by Mark Sandrich. It was filmed from October 18, 1941, to January 30, 1942.


Where was "Holiday Inn" filmed?

"Holiday Inn" was filmed at the original Holiday Inn in Monte Rio, California, and in Sonoma County, California. The Monte Rio Holiday Inn is still in business today. It operates under the name Village Inn & Restaurant.


Who are the two female leads cast in "Holiday Inn"?

“Mark Sandrich wanted two comparatively unknown girls to work opposite Cos and me,” wrote Fred Astaire in his 1959 autobiography, "Steps in Time." “We were fortunate in getting Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dale.” The roles went on to make them stars.


Who are the two male leads cast in "Holiday Inn"?

Bing Crosby plays Jim Hardy and Fred Astaire plays Ted Hanover. They were cast as two New York best friends who sing and dance. Bing Crosby went on to star in "White Christmas" as well.


Jim Hardy's Holiday Inn is fictionally located where?

Jim Hardy's Holiday Inn is located in Midville, Connecticut. The location was used because Connecticut is known for its traditional white winters. The scenic woods plays as an extra cast member in the movie.


Jim Hardy's Holiday Inn debuts on which holiday?

The movie begins on "Christmas Eve" in New York City. The movie ends with the Inn being reopened for the following year's "New Years" celebrations. Everyone is united at the end of the movie.


How many holidays does the Holiday Inn open for?

Holiday Inn is only opened on the 15 or so American holidays. This includes New Year's Eve, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day and Christmas Eve. It was thought that if he only opened on holidays, he would have less work throughout the year.


Where do the four main characters first meet?

Jim Hardy, Ted Hanover, and Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale) are appearing at the Midnight Club in New York. Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) later meets Jim Hardy and company at the Club Pierre in New York. She is introduced by agent Danny Reed, played by Walter Abel, after they meet at a flower shop.


Harry Barris (1905-1962), Bing Crosby's old Rhythm Boys partner, makes an appearance as a ______ in "Holiday Inn"?

Harry Barris plays an orchestra leader. Also making cameo appearances are Irving Berlin as a New York City flower store manager. Bob Crosby, younger brother to Bing, also makes a cameo. Bing Crosby had 7 siblings.


The _______ features the musical sequence, "Abraham," in which Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds appear in blackface.

This scene was often deleted from television showings because some have deemed it archaic and racially offensive. In the past, the role was often added to increase comedy or musical entertainment. In modern times, blackface is deemed offensive.


Which war was occurring at the time of the movie's release?

World War II was raging at the time. Thus, Bing Crosby takes to the stage and performs, "Song of Freedom." This was a patriotic flag-waver, saluting President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms and the American armed forces.


Bing Crosby sings _______ in the April 5th, Easter Sunday show at Holiday Inn.

He sang "Easter Parade." This song was performed in keeping with the holiday being celebrated. It was an elaborate dance/music number.


How many times is "White Christmas" performed in the movie?

Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" is performed twice in "Holiday Inn." Bing Crosby is joined by Marjorie Reynolds (dubbed by Martha Mears) at the piano in the first outing beside a Christmas tree. Mears (dubbing for Reynolds) later sings "White Christmas" a second time to the accompaniment of the Bob Crosby Orchestra when the song is sung during the filming of the movie.


Did Marjorie Reynolds sing her own songs in "Holiday Inn"?

Martha Mears (1908-1986) dubbed Marjorie Reynolds in "Holiday Inn." She also did the singing for such stars as Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball, Audrey Totter, and Veronica Lake. Dubbing was quite popular at the time.


"Holiday Inn" grossed ______ at the American box office.

That equaled the gross earnings for another Bing Crosby movie that year. That movie was "Road to Morocco," which opened in November 1942. The movie is about two fast-talking guys castaway on a desert shore and sold into slavery to a beautiful princess.


"Holiday Inn" nabbed how many Academy Award nominations?

The movie was nominated for Best Original Song ("White Christmas," Irving Berlin, won), Best Scoring of Musical Picture (Robert Emmett Dolan) and Best Original Story (Irving Berlin). Berlin worked 60 years in Hollywood. During that time, he wrote an estimated 1,500 songs with 18 for Broadway and 18 for films.


The success of "Holiday Inn" eventually led to another film based on the song, titled _________

"White Christmas" was released in 1954. It starred Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen. It was also produced in colour.


For the "drunk" dance, Fred Astaire had ______ drinks of bourbon before the first take and one before each succeeding take.

The seventh (last) take was used in the film. While Astaire wasn't considered to be a big drinker, Crosby reportedly had an alcohol problem in his youth. Allegations of further alcohol abuse emerged after his death.


Kemmons Wilson, who founded the "Holiday Inn" motel chain in _____, named them after this movie.

Kemmons Wilson, who founded the "Holiday Inn" motel chain in 1952, named them after this movie. The Holiday Inn chain is now one of the world's largest hotel chains. It has 2,649 active hotels.


The animated Thanksgiving sequence is a topical reference to the failed attempt by which president to change the date of the holiday?

The animated Thanksgiving sequence is a topical reference to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's failed attempt to change the date of the holiday. Roosevelt believed that moving the holiday would help increase retail sales. He attempted to move the holiday during the last years of the Great Depression.


The firecracker dance sequence required ____ days of rehearsal and took two days to film.

Fred Astaire's shoes from the dance were auctioned off for $116,000 worth of war bonds. One shoe and both laces were later resold for another $22,000 worth of war bonds. War bonds were used to finance war efforts by putting additional money into circulation.


The first public performance of the song "White Christmas" was by Bing Crosby on his NBC radio show, "The Kraft Music Hall." on what date, during the middle of filming "Holiday Inn," which was released seven months later?

He recorded it with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra in 18 minutes on May 29, 1942. It was later released in July. At first, Crosby did not see anything special about the song, which would go to break many records.


The script originally called for a Labor Day dance number called what?

"This Is a Great Country." The song was meant to be a rally call for support for the troops. Crosby was a registered Republican and supported this.


The set of the Holiday Inn was reused by Paramount ________for the musical "White Christmas," also starring Bing Crosby and again with songs composed by Irving Berlin.

The set of the Holiday Inn was reused by Paramount 12 years later for the musical "White Christmas." This movie also starred Bing Crosby and featured songs composed by Irving Berlin. This movie was released in color, however.


When Irving Berlin won an Oscar for his song "White Christmas" from this movie, he became the first artist to _______

When Irving Berlin won an Oscar for his song, "White Christmas," from this movie, he became the first artist to present himself with an Academy Award. He was nominated a total of 8 times throughout his career. He went on to win one.


Until 1997, "White Christmas" was _________.

It was passed at that time by "Goodbye, England's Rose," the Elton John rework of "Candle in the Wind" done for Princess Diana's funeral. These two songs still rank number one and two. Irving Berlin could not have imagined the continued popularity of the song today.


The proceeds from the New York City premiere went to the ________

The Navy Relief Society provides financial assistance and education, as well as other programs and services, to members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. In addition, they cover eligible family members, widows, and survivors. The Society also receives and manages donated funds to administer these programs and services.


"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a _______ radio adaptation of the movie on January 11, 1943, with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire reprising their film roles.

"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30-minute radio adaptation of the movie on January 11, 1943 with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire reprising their film roles. "The Screen Guild Theatre" was a charity program benefiting the Motion Picture Relief Fund. The stars were not paid, and their regular appearance fees were donated to the Fund.


When Jim and Linda are walking outside after the first night Holiday Inn is open, they are walking through the "snow" but leave no _________ behind them.

It is obvious that it is simply a stage floor painted white. In addition, when the movie was digitally remastered to be released in color, it was noted that various items on the main set were painted grey instead of black. When Linda arrives at the Inn as well, Jim can be seen hammering the roof, but the noise does not match the action on the film.


What was the name of the song representing Valentine's Day?

Another great number by that genius Irving Berlin. Frank Sinatra also produced a famous version. It was not until 1979, 37 years after the making of the film, that a full soundtrack was released on Sunbeam Records, featuring the songs in the movie.


A colorized version of "Holiday Inn" was released by Universal on what date?

The 2008 colorization was done by Legend Films. The colorization company used Edith Head’s sketch artist, Jan Muckelstone, as a color design consultant for costume authenticity. There is a noticeable error in the "Abraham" sequence, as Crosby and Astaire's makeup is brown, rather than the black of burnt cork.


In the final scene, Bing Crosby's character is shown with snow falling all around as he sings "White Christmas." The effect was created by showering him with what?

As the movie was filmed in California, chrysotile asbestos fibers which resemble snow were used. Asbestos was often used in those days, not only on movie sets and in theaters, but also in department store displays and even private homes. It is no longer used in modern times.


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