Have You Been Friendzoned?

Emily Maggrett

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It's lonely in the friendzone. Or is it? It all depends on your expectations. Some people are happy to have a connection with someone else, even if it's platonic. Others see friendship as a mere warm-up to more personal activities. If you've been wondering whether a certain friend is hoping to upgrade your relationship's spice level, this quiz can help you figure out what's up.

We're going to ask you about just about everything: whether you two had a spark when you met, if they confide in you about their crushes and whether your banter is salty or highly flirtatious. You'll have to get totally real with us, telling us the TRUTH about how they act around you, rather than indulging in wishful thinking. If you want to know whether you're the next BeyoncΓ© and Jay, rather than the next Rihanna and Drake, your honesty is crucial.Β 

So ... are you ready to find out if this is going somewhere? Don't linger in denial forever. If it's true love, you should be running toward it, and if it's not ... well, then you should be running toward someone else. So stop checking your phone to see if they've texted and take a big bite of this quiz!

When you first met them, were you BOTH attracted to each other?

Do you hang out one-on-one a lot?

When you're alone, what do you talk about?

Have you ever slept in the same bed?

If they snuggled with you while watching a movie, would you be surprised?

How do they introduce you to their other friends?

Do they dress up to hang out with you?

When you text them, how long does it take for them to text you back?

Have they ever flirted with you? When?

Do you two make plans ahead of time, or do they only call you at the last minute?

Have you ever held hands?

When you talk about people you're attracted to, do they act jealous?

Do YOUR friends think your crush likes you?

How long have you known each other?

Are they comfortable looking like a slob around you?

Do they find silly excuses to touch you?

If you started dating each other, would people be surprised?

Have you ever kissed?

Do they confide in you about their crushes?

When you talk about your exes, do they act jealous?

Does their best friend like you?

Are they proud to be seen with you?

When you walk into a room, does their face light up?

Have they ever compared you to an attractive celebrity?

In your opinion, do you two LOOK like a legit couple?

Do you go on "pretend" dates?

Have you ever gone swimming together?

Do you know secrets about them that no one else knows?

Are they aware that you've caught the feels for them?

Last but not least: Are they already in a relationship?

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