Handle These Stressful Situations and We'll Guess How Long You've Worked in Retail

por Steven Miller on March 26, 2018

Sobre esse quiz

Those starting out in the retail industry often come in with enthusiasm and a love of human interaction. After a few years of dealing with people, most employees begin to show signs of becoming a bit more calloused towards customers. 

There's only so many rude individuals and idiotic questions you can handle before you start to become a bit grumpy. After many years of dealing with the full range of selfishness and stupidity that humanity can muster, it's pretty common for retail workers to become jaded and pessimistic about their fellow man.

If you've worked in retail long enough to reach this level of disgust, it's likely that you rarely listen to music anymore. We're guessing you tend to enjoy silence and that you spend a lot of time in nature, far away from people.

It also seems likely that holiday music makes you incredibly depressed and you have a psychological flinch associated with the chime that rings when customers walk through the door. There's also a good chance that you get a sadistic joy out of watching the "Black Friday" crowd fight with each other over the deals.

Don't forget to punch in. It's time to get to work and figure out how many years you've been doing this.

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