Guys: Who Will Play You in the Movie About Your Life?

By Teresa M. on February 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Haven't we all, at one point in time or another, thought that our lives were playing out just like a movie? Some of us have even thought that our lives should be movies. Well, if that's the case, which Hollywood star would play you? 

The person who'd do the best job may not be your favorite actor but someone who has a few things in common with you enough to play your part like it was really you. So which actor would that be? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Would Will Smith play you? He's Mr. Personality and will make the best parts of who you really are shine through. Or will Tom Hanks play you? This man is a jack of all trades - he can do funny, serious, angry, or emotional. Or will Seth Rogen play you? This man is funny and will make viewers laugh their butts off, even if your life story isn't filled with giggles. What about Morgan Freeman? He has had years in the game and will definitely do a good job, no matter what your personality type is. 

If you're as curious as we think you are (and that's pretty curious!), go ahead and get started on this quiz. For a bit more fun, let your sibling or best friend take it to see if the same actor would play you both. 

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