Go Shopping at Hot Topic and We'll Tell You How Emo You Are!

By Teresa M. on January 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Grab your kicks and your earbuds; it’s time to head to the mall! Walk straight past the food court, and swagger into Hot Topic for a virtual shopping spree. Are they playing your favorite band when you walk in or is it something you will have to buy? Do they have a striped shirt in your size, or will you grab some leggings and some color for your hair? Will you choose a Disney themed dress or the latest Fall Out Boy vinyl? The choices you make look deep inside you to tell us how emo you are! 

Since 1989, Hot Topic has been specializing in pop culture and music related wares that only the coolest of the cool could manage to pull off. Never wanting to appeal to the masses, Hot Topic has taken the business of looking like a rock star straight into the streets. Even with Hot Topic’s help expressing yourself, not everyone can wear their emo on their sleeves like Sunny Day Real Estate. So are you as emo as Billy Joe, or should you throw away your skateboard and take up candlepin bowling? Take the quiz to find out exactly how emo you are!

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