Go Shopping at Cracker Barrel and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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About This Quiz

If you've never heard of Cracker Barrel, it's time to open your eyes to this old country store that was created in 1969. Known for a wide variety of nostalgic toys, games, pantry goods, clothes and personal care items, Cracker Barrel boasts an old-fashioned theme that makes it unique. 

Sports fans are also welcome here, as this store offers many themed bags, chairs, ties and helmets. And to honor our military heroes, you'll find memorabilia that showcases the efforts of the U.S. Marine Corps, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. Such American pride can also be found in Cracker Barrel's flags, rocking chairs, jewelry, hats, t-shirts and home decor.

This old country store is best known for their array of pantry goods and nostalgic candies. Take a trip down memory lane with peanut brittle, candy ring pops and vanilla cow tales. But if you're not into sweets, you can certainly stock up on some apple crisp mix, Virginia peanuts, Westminster crackers or sausage stick samplers. You'll also find a wide range of movies, books and CD collections at Cracker Barrel, as well as clothing for women, men and children. The real question is, what doesn't Cracker Barrel have? Maybe you'll find out, but only if you take this old-fashioned quiz!

Grab a candy jar and fill it with one of these Cracker Barrel candy favorites!

First dates may call for some minty freshness! Which of these Cracker Barrel mints will you choose?

Your BFF's birthday is coming up, which means it's time to go shopping for which of these gift baskets?

Which of these Cracker Barrel hams would you love to indulge in for dinner?

Fillings and jams make a wonderful present for the holidays. Which of these delectable jars would you love to give to your loved ones?

There is no such thing as delicious pancakes if you can't top them with which of these Cracker Barrel syrups?

Why bake a dessert when you can just buy a few slices of _____________ from Cracker Barrel?

Would you be daring enough to try some maple onion jam from Cracker Barrel?

Cheddar cheese straws versus caramel popcorn: Who wins this Cracker Barrel snack debate?

What's the best part about the premium nut box at Cracker Barrel?

Upgrade some bland breakfast toast with one of these delectable preserves from Cracker Barrel.

You look like you need a caffeine boost. Which of these Cracker Barrel sodas will do the trick?

Which of these Cracker Barrel collections would you spend an entire paycheck on?

Pick one of these Cracker Barrel soaps to add an old-fashioned touch to your bathroom.

Fill in the blank: There's no better scent in this world than the __________ soap scent at Cracker Barrel.

You've had a rough day at work, which means it's time to apply some __________ balm from Cracker Barrel.

There is a cure for dry hands after all, and the solution lies within which of these Cracker Barrel lotions?

Who needs beauty stores when you can just stock up on some __________ from Cracker Barrel?

Show your love for llamas and avocados with one of these products from the Avocados and Llamas collection at Cracker Barrel.

Outdoor decorations are pretty popular at Cracker Barrel, but which ones do you tend to shop for?

Blast to the past with one of these nostalgic electronics from Cracker Barrel.

The best way to put a smile on someone's face is by presenting them with which of these novelty toys?

Long road trips don't have to be boring, because you've got a ___________ to bring along for some fun.

Which of these Cracker Barrel books would you love to read on your next day off?

Oh no! It's a rainy day today, but that's OK since you've got which of these Cracker Barrel board games?

Which of these Cracker Barrel home decor items would make a fantastic gift for a loved one?

Shed some light in your room with one of these Cracker Barrel lamps.

The best way to accentuate any outfit is with which of these Cracker Barrel jewelries?

You've just won a kitchen appliance of your choice from Cracker Barrel! Which of the following will you claim as a prize?

You've got some friends coming over in 30 minutes! Which of these baked treats will you present to them from Cracker Barrel?

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