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Do you know enough to save the day? Challenge your knowledge with the ultimate Homeland quiz!

What is the main characters name?

Carrie is the main character - a she works for the CIA.


What government organization does the main character work for?

The Central Intelligence Agency is primarily responsible for countering terrorism.


Where in the US does the show take place?

The CIA's counter-terrorism center is in Virginia.


Who is Nicholas Brody?

Brody is a Marine Sergeant that was captured by terrorists while in the line of duty.


Who is the main targeted Terrorist in the show?

Abu Nazir is the sought out terrorist through all the seasons of Homeland.


Where does Carrie move in Season 5?

Carrie fleas to Berlin where she starts a new life with her daughter


What mental disorder is Carrie diagnosed with?

Carrie is diagnosed with, and takes meds for, Bipolar disorder.


How long was Sergeant Brody Captured for?

Brody was captured and tortured for 8 years before returning to the US.


When Brody returns to the US, he is a devoted _________?

Abu Nazir Brainwashed Brody and he returned to the US as a devoted Muslim.


How many kids do the Brody's have?

The Brody's have 2 young kids, one girl and one boy.


What was the terrorist organization that captured Brody?

Abu Nazir and others who were linked to Al-Qaeda, captured Brody for 8 years.


Who is Carrie's mentor?

Saul Berenson was Carrie's mentor and acted like a father figure to her.


Who does Brody kill in the 2nd season?

Brody silently kills the Vice President in the second season.


Who becomes the acting director of the CIA in the 3rd season?

Saul is chosen as acting director for the CIA when David Estes dies in an explosion.


Who is blamed for the explosion of the CIA headquarters in season 2?

Brody was blamed for the explosions, as his car was the cause.


Who does Brody have an affair with?

Carrie is the one who has a relationship with Brody.


What country does Brody flea to in season 3?

Venezuela is where Brody hides until Saul gets him.


What drug does Brody abuse while in Venezuela?

Heroin is what Brody is given to help with the pain of being shot. he becomes extremely addicted.


What is the job title Carrie accepts in the 3rd season?

Carrie is offered and accepts the position to be Station Chief of the CIA in Turkey.


Carrie becomes pregnant in season 3, who is the father?

Brody is having an affair with Carrie and gets her pregnant.


Who Cares for Carries daughter while she is away at work?

Carries father and sister are always there for her and dedicate their time to caring for her daughter.


Who is the station chief that is brutally murdered in season 4

Sandy was brutally dragged from his car in Pakistan and murdered after his face was leaked to the media.


What event was taking place at the location Carrie ordered an airstrike on in Pakistan?

A wedding was taking place where she ordered the airstrike!


Who is Peter Quinn?

Peter Quinn was a very highly skilled Assassin brought on by the CIA


What was Fara's role in the CIA?

Fara was a muslim Analyst.


What turned Sergeant Brody after he was captured?

The US was responsible for the air strike that killed Issa, Abu Nazir's son.


Who is the first person who realizes that Brody is turned?

Carrie first notices that he has turned and tries to stop him.


Who is Walker?

Walker was also captured and turned.


Brody is about to detonate a suicide vest in a room with important government officials, who changes his mind?

Carrie tells Brody's daughter dana that her dad is a terrorist, so she calls him while he is in the bunker.


Besides medication, what treatment does Carrie get for her condition?

She gets Electro-shock therapy after thinking she was wrong about Brody, and it is very painful.


What event leads to Brody and the vice president frantically fleeing into the bunker?

Walker intentionally shoots someone so that people scramble into the bunker past the metal detectors.


Why does Brody want to take the Vice President out?

Brody wants the Vice Presidents Job so he can have more control.


Bodys Daughter Dana dates who during the show?

She dates the Vice Presidents son, and they get into trouble.


What crime does the Vice President's son and Dana have to deal with the cover up of?

The VP's son hits a woman while speeding in his car. Dana is upset that they can't confess.


What book does Brody's wife find in their garage.

Jessica finds a Quran and a prayer mat. She is very confused and freaked out when she discovers them.


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