Go on a Sensational Shopping Spree and We'll Guess Your Favorite Store!

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Why window shop when you can quiz shop! Millions of people around the world spend multiple hours a week shopping. We're here to take you on a virtual shopping trip! Go on a sensational shopping spree with this quiz, and we'll guess your favorite store!

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is often considered the very first shopping mall. Its construction began in 1455 and it would take almost 300 years for it to be finished. With its meaning of the "grand market," it had thousands of shops. This is where the idea of malls opened up!

Every week, millions of people head to the mall to shop at their favorite store. Which one is yours? Go on a shopping spree and we'll take a guess!

While many of us love the look of high fashion, we don't always have the wallet to sustain it! For those who are shopping on a budget, you might love stores like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.

For those who love the high-end quality and price, you might be hitting 5th Avenue in New York City to shop Saks Fifth Avenue, Tom Ford, Chanel, or Oscar de la Renta.

Regardless of your purse strings, what are you buying when you go on a shopping spree? Let us know what you're filling your shopping carts with and we'll guess your favorite store!

Are you more Forever 21 or Dolce & Gabbana? Let's find out!

Will you buy items for others during your shopping spree?

If you had 60 seconds to fill a shopping cart at the grocery store, which aisle would you start with?

Would you enjoy a shopping spree at Bath & Body Works?

Where are you most likely to buy jewelry?

What article of clothing will you get the most of during your spree?

Which cosmetic maker's products will you load up on?

What might you grab for your bedroom?

Will you shop for any kitchen items?

What kind of shoes would you add to your cart?

How would you describe your shopping spree style?

What would you grab at the Apple store?

How would you feel about a shopping spree at Costco?

Which mall store would you start your shopping spree in?

Where would you load up on underwear?

What would you shop for at Cabela's?

Which household supply would you load up on?

What style of boots would you pick up?

What kind of jeans would you add to your cart?

Would you shop for any hats?

Which celebrity's fragrance are you more likely to pick up on your shopping spree?

Which bathroom item would you buy during your shopping spree?

Which store are you least likely to spend time in during a shopping spree?

Where would you shop for a new bag?

Would you add many dresses to your shopping cart?

Would you shop for your pets?

How much do you think you could spend during a 30 minute shopping spree?

Would you add any baby items to your cart?

Do you prefer Aeropostale or American Eagle Outfitters?

Which Yankee Candle scent would you grab?

What kind of store would you spend the most money in?

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