Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess What Sport You Played in High School

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You can play a sport, but after a while the sport plays you. You begin to think along the lines of the sport, and even speak in terms of sport. You see life as the sport you played, and if you have the right framework, you might do well in life seeing things this way. Some people will refer to their successes as touchdowns. Other folks will look at failures and say that pro baseball players will fail seven out of 10 tries. Showboating at work could be termed spiking the ball, and one might call someone who works hard into the night "a grinder".

Sports become a part of us. We don't just root for the home team because we like their uniforms, we do it because they represent us, like medieval champions in a joust. Sports are ingrained in those of us exposed to them, and it shows in unexpected ways. We have devised a test for you. You will answer a series of scenarios in a "would you rather" format, and we will run your answers by our analysts. This will tell us, with nearly perfect accuracy, which sport, which activity that shaped you, was the one you played in high school.

Would you rather work in a factory or a lab?

Would you rather lose your sight or your sense of touch?

Would you rather a zombie apocalypse or an alien apocalypse?

Would you rather win the lottery but find out you have stage 1 cancer, or be healthy for life, but never win anything?

Would you rather have the job of your dreams for ten years or your second pick for twenty?

Would you rather be the hero of a horror movie that ends badly, or the villain in that movie who comes out on top?

Would you rather only drink coffee from now on, or never again?

Would you rather everything taste like chicken, or only eat protein bars?

Would you rather look amazing but not like yourself in every photo taken of you, or just look like hell in every picture taken of you?

Would you rather lose a finger or a toe?

Would you rather be worthless in the regular season or crumble in the playoffs?

Would you rather be strong or fast?

Would you rather have amazing stamina or an amazing eye?

Would you rather see the field perfectly or have great instincts for when you cannot?

Would you rather only get to play basketball, or only get to play football?

Would you rather have perfect ball handling skills, or be able to out-think your opponent?

Would you rather have more leverage or more power?

Would you rather have greater range or greater speed?

Would you rather be a five-tool player or a genius?

Would you rather be light on your feet or comfortable on the ground?

Would you rather have more time or more points?

Would you rather have the better strategy or the better technique?

Would you rather have a strong back or nerves of steel?

Would you rather win a championship or win a scholarship?

Would you rather have great equipment or a great venue for your sport?

Would you rather like your teammates or like your opponents?

Would you rather not have the medicine you needed to be physically healthy, or not have the psychological medicine you need?

Would you rather speak all languages, or be able to communicate without the need for them?

Would you rather know or understand?

Would you rather win entirely by skill, or because of luck?

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