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Test your knowledge of Walter Bishop and crew!

Which character on ‘Fringe’ is described as being “Frankenstein mixed with Albert Einstein?”

Walter Bishop is an eccentric researcher specializing in fringe science.


Fringe Science is also known as _________?

It is scientific practices which are associated with the paranormal.


What network ran 'Fringe?’

FOX is owned by a subsidiary of the mass media corporation 21st Century Fox.


How many seasons is ‘Fringe’ on-air?

The show lasted for 5 seasons and 100 episodes.


The fictional 'Fringe Division' in the show, is a division of what real government organization?

Fringe Division is under the FBI, which is under the supervision of Homeland Security.


Who is Walter’s trustworthy assistant?

Astrid is an FBI Junior Agent and assistant to both Olivia and Walter.


What farm animal does Walter have in his lab?

Walter has the cow for experiments plus because he likes fresh milk.


What is the name of the cow?

They never said who named the cow, but Olivia is the first one to use the name.


Most of the series involves a story line with a ________?

The concept known as a parallel universe is a facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse.


Who is the U.S. Secretary of Defense in the parallel universe?

In our universe, the team dubbed alternate Walter, “Walternate.”


Where is Peter Bishop from?

In our universe, Peter Bishop died.


Who regularly watches the members of Fringe?

The Observer known as September has a soft-spot for Walter.


What leads Olivia to join the Fringe Division?

John is Olivia’s lover and FBI partner who dies in the pilot.


How does John Scott "die" in the pilot?

An explosion in a lab exposed John to synthetic chemicals that cause the dissolving tissue.


What is the fringe event in the pilot?

The synthetic compound that decays John Scott's skin is in a concentrated form on the plane. Once patient zero throws up, the mixture spreads dissolving everyone on board.


Which member of the Fringe team spent time in a mental hospital?

After an explosion in his lab kills Dr. Carla Warren, his lab assistant, Walter is institutionalized until Olivia springs him to help her save John Scott.


When Olivia grabs Peter Bishop to help her spring Walter from the mental hospital, what is his current career?

Peter ran up gambling debts and had problems with the mob.


What international corporation is in the center of many fringe events?

Massive Dynamic was founded by William Bell.


Who plays William Bell?

Leonard Nimoy is best remembered as the original Spock on ‘Star Trek.’


What university is the location for Walter’s lab?

The lab is situated in the basement of a building in Harvard, and was the site of Walter’s Fringe science experiments during the 1970s and 1980s.


What is Walter’s drug of choice?

Using LSD mixed with other drugs, is how Walter and William discover the existence of another universe.


What Fringe division member was experimented on as a child by Walter?

Olivia was part of a group of children, around age 3, who was experimented on with a drug called Cortexiphan, by Walter.


What does the drug Cortexiphan do?

It is supposed to limit the outside influences that shrink a human’s brainpower, resulting in increased mental ability.


With William Bell “dead,” who runs Massive Dynamic?

Nina has long personal ties with Walter and romantic interactions with William.


What is the purpose of amber?

A quarantine is a region designated by Fringe Division to be a danger due to incursions from our universe.


What is “The Pattern?”

The Pattern is the code-name given to unexplained phenomena, also known as "Fringe Events."


How does The Pattern begin?

Walter’s portal to the other universe to save that Peter from the disease that took his Peter.


Who is Charlie?

Charlie is killed by a shapeshifter who takes his place and burns his body in a hospital furnace.


The 5th season of ‘Fringe’ takes place in the ______?

The season takes place in 2036 with an Observer-ruled dystopian life.


Who is the head of the Fringe division?

Broyles is played by Lance Reddick, who can be seen in the film ‘John Wick: Chapter Two.’


What is the significance of the white tulip?

Walter hopes to get a sign, of a white tulip, that he has God’s forgiveness for taking Peter from the parallel universe.


Who imprisons Olivia “over there?”

Walternate sends faux Olivia to our world in Olivia’s place as part of his plan to save his world and destroy ours.


Dr. Walter Bishop is played by _________?

John Noble can be seen as Mr. Morland Holmes in the TV series, ‘Elementary.’


Who steps into the Machine to try to stop it?

After Peter convinces both universes to work together, he disappears, and is wiped from their memories as if he never existed.


In the future, who finds Peter in the amber?

Henrietta is Peter and Olivia’s daughter.


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