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How much do you know about the popular show Friday Night Lights? Take this quiz to find out!

The hit television show "Friday Night Lights" is based on a non-fiction novel of the same name; what is the sub-title of that novel?

Who was the author of the novel on which the show was based?

In which American city is "Friday Night Lights" set?

What is the team on which the show "Friday Night Lights" focuses?

This person was the one who conceived the idea for the show and also directed the movie. He is________________?

This was Brian Williams' conferred Middle name in the series:

Jason Street is forced to quit the team as a result of?

All characters in the show are related to this institution:

This character was head coach of the team:

Matt Saracen dated this character on screen in the first season

Who played the character of Julie Taylor?

The character who was Jason Street's rehab roommate:

In which country did Matt Saracen's father serve for the US Army?

This character appeared in every single episode of the series:

What was the name of the Eric Taylor's younger daughter?

She was originally the team cheerleader but later became a Christian youth leader:

Which character did Lyla date after Jason Street?

Julie Taylor dated him for a brief time in the second season. What is his name?

What was the name of the convict whom Lyla Garrity befriended?

Matt began a relationship with whom at the end of season two?

This character had the same last name as the actor who played her:

What real life event caused the second season of the show to end on a cliffhanger?

At which institution did Brian Williams get a scholarship?

What was the name of Eric Taylor's new team in season four?

Who is the composer of the theme music?

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