Foreign Phrases Used in English: Do You Know What They Mean?

By J. Reinoehl on January 29, 2018

About This Quiz

We challenge you to ace this foreign phrases quiz.

It was bound to happen. As the world got smaller, and explorers traveled the globe and set up communities in foreign lands, they brought some of their lingo with them. Now, we're not talking about learning entire languages, but rather the tendency for one geographical area to incorporate some phrases from other geographical areas into their everyday language. For instance, there are several Spanish and French phrases that have crept into English and are commonly used. The interesting thing is that many people don't even realize that these phrases have their origins in other languages. If you think you know what we're talking about, read on.

Foreign phrases commonly used in English include "faux pas," "a la mode," and "deja vu." These phrases are French in origin, and if you know that they refer to making a mistake, putting ice cream on your pie, and the feeling of having experienced or done something before, then you're probably pretty foreign phrase savvy. But do you know what R.S.V.P means? It's an acronym for another French phrase (hey, we see a trend here) which is "repondez s’il vous plait" and means please respond.

Think you know all of our foreign phrases used in English? Take this quiz to find out.

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