Firearms That Shaped the World: Only 1 out of 90 People Can Name All 50! Can You?

By Narra Jackson on January 31, 2018

About This Quiz

"Put 'em up, Tex!" Firearms that shaped the world span from ancient times to modern. The Old West made famous as many guns as they did gunslingers. Firearms of the 20th-century wars and climate of the first half of the century made both heroes and victims that shaped our current world. 

The story of firearms dates back to the eighth century and a device called a fire lance, which was essentially a gunpowder-filled tube with a lance and shrapnel. But it wasn't until the 19th century that guns were heavily manufactured and saw significant improvements in design and performance.  

The Peacemaker, which helped to "win the West." The Uzi was notorious for its quick-fire ability to create mass destruction in a short period of time. Possibly one of the most recognizable guns ever produced came out of American prohibition history. The Tommy gun was popular both in war-time and in gangster activity from New York to Chicago and L.A. 

The Winchester rifle was so popular that the widow of the founder, William Winchester, was said to have feared the spirits of victims who died from the Winchester rifle. 

So, can you recognize these guns from a screenshot? It takes a sharp-shooter to take this quiz. Are you up for the challenge?

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