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When your boss desperately needs to keep her visa status, there's only one thing to do... fall in love with her, of course! Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite scenes from "The Proposal"!

In which year was the premiere of "The Proposal"?

"The Proposal" was released on June 19, 2009. It was a huge success, ranking as the top romantic comedy of 2009, grossing more than $317 million worldwide!


The lead female character is _______ Tate.

"The Proposal" was directed by Anne Fletcher and produced by Todd Lieberman, David Hoberman and Kristin Burr. The story was written by Peter Chiarelli.


Margaret Tate is portrayed by this famous actress...

Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, VA. She earned an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy in "The Blind Side" - also from 2009.


For which type of company does Margaret work?

Margaret is Editor-in-Chief for a large publishing company. While she runs an entire office full of staff, she is ultimately responsible to the Chairman of the company.


What is the name of Margaret's assistant?

Andrew Paxton is his full name. His work day consists of getting Margaret her special coffee order, answering her phone line and keeping track of her schedule.


Margaret is about to be deported back to her home country of _______.

Margaret gets called to her boss' office, where he informs her that because her visa is about to expire, she will soon be deported back to Canada. However, when Andrew rushes into the office to get Margaret, she has another idea...


Though he is an assistant, what is Andrew's dream job?

Andrew hopes to one day be an editor as well. Before he will go along with Margaret's plan, Andrew demands that she promote him and publish 20,000 copies of his manuscript.


Which famous actor plays the role of Andrew Paxton?

Ryan Reynolds was born on October 23, 1976, in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently married to Blake Lively.


Where is Andrew from originally?

"The Proposal"was filmed at 11 different locations - ranging from New York to California to Massachusetts. In fact, the Alaskan scenes were actually filmed in Massachusetts!


What does Andrew call his grandmother?

In real life, Ryan Reynolds is from Canada and Sandra Bullock is from the United States. Their origins are reversed in the movie itself!


Which famous actress plays the role of Gammie?

Betty White was born on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois. Throughout her career, she has received 8 Emmy awards, 3 American Comedy awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild awards and 1 Grammy!


Actress Mary Steenburgen plays the role of _______.

Mary Steenburgen was born on February 8, 1953. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in "Melvin and Howard" in 1980. She has also appeared in "Step Brothers," "The Help" and "Elf"!


As Margaret arrives at work, Andrew emails everyone to warn that the _______ is arriving.

Julia Roberts was the producers' first choice to play Margaret, however she turned down the role. Interestingly, Julia Roberts also turned down the role in "The Blind Side," which Sandra Bullock also took - and ended up winning an Oscar!


Who does Margaret fire at the start of the film?

Bob Spaulding was Margaret's co-editor. He was portrayed by actor Aasif Mandiv - an Indian-American actor and comedian.


Why is Andrew planning to travel home to Alaska?

He has plans to travel home to Alaska when suddenly Margaret fires her co-editor and tells Andrew that he needs to work that weekend. As it turns out, she will end up going home with him!


What is the name of Margaret's boss at the publishing company?

Chairman Bergen was portrayed by actor Michael Nouri. He was born in Washington, D.C., on December 9, 1945. He is best known for his role as Nick Hurley in Flashdance in 1983.


Who is Mr. Gilbertson?

Mr. Gilbertson was portrayed by actor Denis O'Hare. Gilbertson is on a mission to prove that Margaret is committing a crime, and thereby Andrew would also be found guilty.


What town in Alaska do Margaret and Andrew travel to?

Sitka, Alaska, located on Baranof Island and the southern half of Chichagof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean! The Alaska scenes were not actually filmed in Alaska, though.


While on the way to Andrew's family home, Margaret notices that every shop in Sitka seems to have what name attached to it?

Paxton is Andrew's family name. It becomes apparent to Margaret that Andrew and his family are very well off and pretty famous in Sitka.


Who is Andrew's ex-girlfriend?

Gertrude was portrayed by actress Malin Akerman. Akerman was born on May 12, 1978, in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a citizen of both Sweden and Canada.


What is the name of the exotic dancer who dances for Margaret at her bachelorette party in Alaska?

Ramone is a resident of Sitka and has several different jobs in town - including waiter, male stripper, shopkeeper AND minister! He is portrayed by actor Oscar Nunez.


What song is playing while Ramone dances for Margaret?

Frankie Goes to Hollywood recorded "Relax" in 1984. It comes from the album entitled "Welcome to the Pleasuredome."


On their first night staying at the Paxtons' home in Alaska, where does Andrew sleep?

Andrew gives up the bed for Margaret to sleep in. He puts a blanket and a pillow on the floor and attempts to sleep.


Who is Margaret's favorite band?

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock were a hip hop duo from Harlem, New York. They were active in the music industry from 1985 - 2014, when DJ E-Z Rock passed away after suffering a diabetic seizure at age 46.


In which U.S. city do Margaret and Andrew work?

Only one filming location was actually in New York City. The proposal scene was filmed at the Javits Federal Office Building at 26 Federal Plaza, New York City.


Margaret forgot what it was like to have a family. She has been on her own since what age?

Margaret's parents died when she was 16. After experiencing the warmth and kindness of the Paxton family, she becomes saddened about her lack of family and wants to run away from Sitka.


Why doesn't Margaret like boats?

Margaret is seen with a life jacket on, holding on for dear life in the boat. There is another scene where Andrew makes a sharp turn and she falls out. He returns to rescue her!


What does Gammie call the quilt that she believes has special powers?

Gammie believes that Mother Earth has instilled her special powers into the quilt and those who sleep under it will successfully produce a baby.


Who thinks that Andrew is marrying his boss just so he can advance his career?

Andrew's dad is Joe Paxton. He is portrayed by actor Craig T. Nelson. Nelson was born on April 4, 1944, in Spokane, Washington. He is best known for his role as Hayden Fox on Coach.


What is the name of the Paxton family dog?

Kevin the dog was actually portrayed by four different American Eskimo puppies! Their names were Flurry, Sitka, Nanu and Winter.


Who takes Margaret dress shopping for the wedding?

Grace and Gammie are thrilled to help Margaret prepare for the wedding. They take her to a shop where she tries on Gammie's old wedding dress. It is too big at first, but then it is fitted to Margaret perfectly.


Gammie has a special ritual in the woods where she seeks blessings from _________.

Betty White almost didn't want to accept the role in "The Proposal." Filming of the movie was going to keep her away from her Golden Retriever for 10 weeks!


After being invited to chant to Mother Earth with Gammie, what song does Margaret break into around the fire?

This famous scene shows Margaret prancing around with Gammie and breaking into a chanting version of "Get Low." Andrew sees them from the trail of the woods and wonders if she has gone completely nuts!


What does Gammie do in order to get everyone's attention, following Margaret's confession at the wedding?

Gammie fools everyone into believing that she is near death. She uses this opportunity to get Joe and Andrew to mend their relationship and focus on the love that she sees between Andrew and Margaret.


Realizing that he has truly fallen in love with Margaret, where does Andrew properly propose to her?

Andrew confesses that after only three days with Margaret, he has fallen completely in love with her. Though she is scared, and he is too, she says yes and they kiss in front of all of their co-workers!


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