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Could you survive in the fashion world? From designer brands to ranging bosses, could you come out on top? How well do you remember "The Devil Wears Prada"? Will you come out with Prada or nada? Let's find out with this quiz!

In which city does the film take place?

When the film opens, the camera pans over the New York City skyline. Multiple times throughout the film, we see clips of the Empire State Building.


What's the name of the magazine of which Miranda is the editor-in-chief?

When we are introduced to Miranda Priestly, we find out she is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine called "Runway."


Which actress stars as Miranda?

Meryl Streep stars in "The Devil Wears Prada" as Miranda Priestly, the tough editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, "Runway."


What dress size is Andy at the beginning of the film?

At the beginning of the film, Nigel is talking about model sizes being twos and fours. Andy mentions that she is a size six and Nigel calls her by 'six' many times throughout the film.


How long did Miranda plan on attending the Michael Kors party?

When Miranda is speaking to her assistant, she tells her to have the driver drop her off at the Michael Kors party at 9:30. She also tells her to make arrangements for the driver to pick her up at 9:45 sharp.


What college did Andy attend?

While Andy is interviewing with Miranda, she reveals that she recently graduated from Northwestern and has since moved to NYC.


What profession did Andy come to New York to pursue?

Although Andy moved to NYC hoping to be a journalist, she initially settles for a job working as an assistant to Miranda. Since Miranda is the editor-in-chief of a magazine, she hopes this will help get her foot in the door in journalism.


Which actress starred as Andy Sachs?

Anne Hathaway stars in "The Devil Wears Prada" as Andrea 'Andy' Sachs, an aspiring journalist who gets a job as Miranda Priestly's assistant.


What name does Miranda call Andy?

In the film, Miranda is heard calling Andy "Emily." The irony is that Emily is both the fictional name and real name of the actress playing Miranda's first assistant.


What song is playing in the opening of the film?

In the 2006 film, "The Devil Wears Prada," we hear "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall playing in the background as a series of women get ready to start their day.


Which place is Emily looking forward to going at the beginning of the film?

Throughout the film, Emily, played by Emily Blunt, talks about how excited she is to attend Paris Fashion Week.


Which monument does Emily have as the background on her computer?

When Emily mentions that she is looking forward to Paris Fashion Week, we see a picture of the Arc de Triomphe on her desktop.


Which top model stars in the film?

When Emily heads out of the office to run a few errands, top model, Gisele Bundchen makes an appearance as Serena, a friend of Emily's.


What color is Andy's blue sweater?

While Miranda is doing a run through, one of her workers says there's no difference between two seemingly similar colored belts. After Andy finds this comical, Miranda makes a speech about her cerulean sweater.


Which actor plays Andy's boyfriend, Nate?"

Adrian Grenier stars in "The Devil Wears Prada" as Nate Cooper, Andy's live-in boyfriend.


What is Nate's profession?

Nate Cooper, Amanda's boyfriend, works as a chef. At the end of the film, he is promoted to sous chef.


What career did Andy turn down?

As Andy is having dinner with her father, we find out that she turned down a law school acceptance to pursue journalism.


Which law school did Andy get into?

As Andy is enjoying dinner with her father, he reveals that she turned down an acceptance to Stanford.


What Broadway show is Andy planning on seeing with her father?

When Andy makes plans for dinner and a show with her father, they go to see "Chicago" on Broadway.


While Miranda attends designer previews, which brand is the only one for which she smiled?

While Nigel is explaining what previews are to Andy, he mentions Miranda's reactions to designs. He also mentions that Miranda has only ever smiled for one designer, Tom Ford.


For which unpublished manuscript does Miranda have Andy searching?

Miranda asks Andy to perform the impossible task of finding the unpublished manuscript for Harry Potter. Andy pulls in a favor and gets copies for Miranda's daughters.


What school project is Andy working on for Miranda's twins?

When Nate returns home from a day of work, he mentions that Andy is working on the twins' school project. In her hands, we see makeshift balls for the solar system.


What is the name of the publisher who helped Andy get the Harry Potter manuscript?

When Andy goes to James Holt's party for Miranda, she meets a publisher, Christian Thompson. When she needs the unpublished manuscript for Harry Potter, she reaches out to him.


What event does Andy miss in order to attend a work benefit?

When Andy finds out she has to attend a work event, she winds up missing Nate's birthday celebration.


Which fashion week event does Miranda ask Andy to attend?

After Andy proves she is doing a great job working for Miranda, she is invited to attend Paris Fashion Week in Emily's place.


When Emily mentions that she is on a diet, what is the only food she eats?

When Emily is describing the diet that keeps her so thin, she mentions that she doesn't eat anything. When she feels as if she is about to faint, she eats a piece of cheese.


What type of vehicle hits Emily as she's walking across the street?

When Andy calls Emily to break the news about Paris Fashion Week to her, Emily, in her haste, gets hit by a taxi cab.


Who catches Christian kissing Andy on the cheek?

When Andy attends Lily's art showing, Christian Thompson shows up. After a short conversation where he asks her out (again), Lily witnesses him kissing her on the cheek.


Which rapper does Miranda want to be moved​ to her table for her dinner?

When Anne has to go over the seating for Miranda's dinner with her, Miranda asks to have Snoop Dogg moved to her table.


Which Madonna song is playing after Andy's makeover?

After Andy asks Nigel for help in giving her a makeover, we see her change her wardrobe and get acclimated to working at a fashion magazine.


Who is planning on leaving Runway to go work with designer James Holt?

One night while they are in Paris, Nigel comes to Andy's room to celebrate with champagne because he landed a deal working as the president of James Holt's company.


What dress size is Andy at the end of the film?

When Nigel compliments Andy on her wardrobe, he calls her by her nickname, 'six,' which refers to her size. She then mentions that she is now a size four.


What's the name of the woman who is supposed to take over Runway after Miranda?

After Andy has a tryst with Christian Thompson, she finds out that Jacqueline, Miranda's supposed enemy, is reportedly replacing her as editor-in-chief of Runway. Andy then tries to warn Miranda so she doesn't face embarrassment.


Who gets the job as president of James Holt's business?

When Miranda finds out that Jacqueline is supposed to take over her position, she goes behind Nigel's back and gets Jacqueline the new position at James Holt's company.


Where is Nate moving at the end of the film?

At the end of the film, Andy meets up with Nate after she returns from France. He gives her the news that he got a new job working as a sous chef in Boston.


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