Fill up Your Amazon Shopping Cart and We'll Reveal Your Age!

By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Looking at the contents of someone's shopping cart can tell you everything you need to know about them! Fill up your dream Amazon cart, and we'll reveal your true age!

Which cleaning item might you purchase from Amazon?

Do you use Subscribe & Save?

How do you access Amazon most?

Which cosmetic item might you have in your cart?

Do you use Amazon video?

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership?

What article of clothing have you bought from Amazon?

What do you like about Amazon most?

Have you ever purchased anything naughty from Amazon?

What percentage of your holiday gifts come from Amazon?

What type of sneakers would you order from Amazon?

What pet supply might you add to your cart?

What home office supply do you order most often?

Which department do you shop in the most?

Have you ordered from Amazon Handmade yet?

Do you read product reviews before you buy?

How often do you use Amazon Video?

Do you prefer Kindle downloads or ordering hardcover books?

How much do you spend on Amazon during a month?

Have you tried Alexa for shopping on Amazon?

Which electronic item would you love to have in your cart?

What Amazon gift might you purchase for your best friend's birthday?

Are you a bargain shopper?

Which site do you use almost as much as

Which Amazon Pantry item have you ordered in the past?

Which winter necessity is in your cart?

Is there anything from the Automotive Department in your cart?

When do you order from Amazon the most?

Which item surprises you most to find on Amazon?

Is your cart more male or female oriented?

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