Extroverts: Which Zodiac Sign Should You NOT Date?

By Teresa M. on April 24, 2018

About This Quiz

There are some things in life that no one ever tells you, like what zodiac sign you should never, ever date! It's unfortunate because knowing about the signs that you should avoid could save you a lot of heartache and trouble. Sharing your feelings on romance, your personality quirks, and the things you expect from a relationship will help us figure out which sign you should stay away from! 

Most zodiac oriented tests are designed to tell you which signs would most compatible with your own sign. During our zodiac sign test, we are going to find out the very opposite of your sign's compatibility with others. We're going to dig into the things that make you who you are and find the sign you should avoid like a swarm of mosquitos. You might see yourself a lover of Scorpios or as someone that cannot stand a Virgo, but are they really the signs you should or should not date? Let's focus on you, and then we'll know the sign you should always swipe left! 

If you've had enough of dating all the wrong people, there's no time like the present to find out the sign to avoid before you go on another miserable date! 

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