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Europe's geography and history have been documented and studied for hundreds of years. How well do you remember European geography from school? Map it out and take this quiz!

Europe is ranked as the 6th largest of this kind of formation in terms of its size.

In population though, Europe is the 3rd largest among the continents.


How many countries are part of Europe?

These countries are a combination of landlocked countries and island nations.


Due to the nature of its location among the waters, Europe is also known as a “peninsula of __."

A peninsula is a piece of land that extends outside into the waters, where majority of its sides are surrounded by water already.


These are the main peninsulas in Europe located in the southern part, except for this one.

The term "Siberian" pertains to Siberia, a place in Russia.


For its physical regions, Europe could be divided into these four areas, except for this one.

The fourth region is known as Alpine Mountains.


This country is located in the westernmost part of Europe.

Iceland is in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Europe extends into the Ural Mountains in its eastern part. In which country is the Ural Mountains technically located?

A section of Russia is actually considered as part of Europe while the other sections are part of Asia.


The smallest country in the world is located in Europe. What is it?

The Vatican is actually still part of Italy, but acts as an independent state.


The largest European country by population is this country.

Germany used to be divided into East Germany and West Germany.


Mt. Blanc is considered as the highest point in Europe. Where is it located?

Mt. Blanc could be accessed via France or Italy.


Europe and Africa are separated by this body of water.

The Mediterranean Sea is in southern Europe.


The Alps is an extensive mountain range that extends to many countries in Europe. How many are considered as Alpine countries?

The country that touches the Alps also nickname their connection with the name of their country, such as the French Alps or the Swiss Alps.


These countries are Alpine countries, except for this.

Cote D'Ivoire is a country in Africa.


This famous mountain flower, which grows in rocky places in the Alps, is also the national symbol of certain European countries.

The Sound of Music was set in Austria, one of the countries that uses the edelweiss as a national symbol.


The Pyrenees is a mountain range that serves as a border between Spain and this other country.

The Pyrenees basically separates the Iberian Peninsula from most of Europe.


This river is considered as the longest river stretching within the European Union.

The Danube flows through Austria, Strauss' home country.


Many European countries are considered as landlocked countries because of this aspect.

Some landlocked countries have coastlines but they are for closed seas only, not open seas.


Which of these European landlocked countries are considered as rich or affluent?

Affluent states are also called "developed nations."


Landlocked countries are usually surrounded by more than one country. Aside from the Vatican, which European country is landlocked by a single country?

San Marino is considered as the oldest state in the continent.


Only two countries in the world are considered as doubly landlocked countries, meaning they are surrounded by landlocked countries, too. This European country is one of them.

Liechtenstein is landlocked by the equally landlocked nations of Austria and Switzerland.


These European countries are landlocked nations, except for this.

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia.


These European countries’ capital cities share their name with their main country, except for this one.

Mali’s capital is Bamako.


Zurich is the largest city of which European country?

Its capital city is Berne.


These European countries are island nations, except for this one.

Slovakia is actually a landlocked country.


This European country is also known as "the land of the midnight sun."

There are times of the year when certain parts of Norway doesn't see the sun rising in full, hence this nickname.


Italy is also known by this nickname, because of what the country actually looks like on the map.

If you look closely on the map, Italy looks like a boot that faces on the left side.


This country is known as "the bread basket of Europe."

Ukraine earned this nickname since its agricultural lands yield the most wheat and other products used to make bread, and they produce lots of it!


This country is known as "the land of a thousand lakes."

The country actually has more than 150,000 lakes in it, a high number for one country, hence the nickname.


This European city is famous for its streets of canals.

Venice is known as the “City of Canals” for obvious reasons. It is also called “The Floating City” sometimes.


This European city is also called “Little Paris."

Bucharest earned this nickname due to the similarity of its city’s architectural and cultural nuances with that of Paris.


This European city is known as the “Peace Capital” mainly due to the quality of life there and other good things.

Perhaps the presence of many international organizations like UN agencies contribute to this air of peace in the capital.


These three European cities are considered as the fashion capitals of the world, except for this one.

New York is in the USA.


This European country is considered as the "birthplace of democracy."

Ancient Greece developed many elements used in world cultures today, such as democracy, philosophy, forms of governments, and the Olympics.


These European countries were the members of the so-called “axis powers” during World War II, except for this.

While also an axis power, Japan is the axis connection that ruled Asia.


Similarly, these European countries belonged to the “allied powers” during World War II, except for this one.

Although New Zealand is considered a dominion of the British Commonwealth during those times, it’s technically not a European country due to geographic concerns.


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