Test your brain power with this Limitless trivia quiz

By: Julie Medina
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Smart drugs. Cognitive enhancers. The ethics of keeping these drugs to yourself. In the film, Limitless, a struggling writer has the ability to fully utilize his brain and vastly improve his lifestyle with NZT-48. Recall it all with this brilliant trivia quiz.

What does Eddie Morra do for a living?

After the writer’s block, what’s the next bad thing that happens to Eddie?

When do things start turning around for Eddie?

How much is NZT-48 a pop?

How does he know the drug is working?

What happens when Eddie is still on the drug and he gets back in his apartment?

What happens on the screen when Eddie starts writing his book?

Eddie wants more of NZT-48. What does he do?

What does Eddie find out about the drug when he talks to Vern in Vernon’s apartment?

What happens when Eddie returns with the breakfast and dry cleaning?

What must Eddie find before the cops come to Vernon’s apartment?

Where does Eddie find the drugs?

What is suspicious about the call he gets from his ex-wife in the police station?

What changes does Eddie make, using what he stole from Vernon’s apartment?

What does the camera show when Eddie is trading stocks?

What does the Russian loan shark say to Eddie when he gives Eddie the money?

How does the camera convey that Eddie has upped his dosage when he trades stocks?

What happens with Eddie and his ex-girlfriend, Lindy?

When Carl Van Loon meets with Eddie, what happens?

What happens after the meeting with Carl Van Loon?

How does Eddie hope to figure out what is happening to him?

When the man in the tan coat follows Lindy and pulls a knife, what does she have to do to escape alive?

How long does it take for NZT-48 to work?

Which of these does Eddie hire?

Why else are the police after Eddie?

When Eddie receives a box with severed hands in it, whose hands are they?

When does Eddie decide to buy the fortress-type apartment?

When the Russians break in, Eddie drops the only NZT-48 pill he has. How does he get more?

After blinding one of the Russians with a needle, how does he kill the other fully-sighted Russian?

Twelve months later, what is Eddie doing?

What does Van Loon threaten Eddie with?

What did the critics think of the film?

What did the fans think of the film?

What accolades did Limitless receive?

How can you enjoy more of Limitless?

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