Dress Your Ideal Partner and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

By: Khadija Leon
Image: Tara Moore/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Until social media, relationship statuses were not a big deal (unless you count stating your marital status at immigration points when traveling). Today, we have them on Facebook, and some of us damn near wear them on our clothing. Whether you take pride in being single or you're happy to let the world know you've found love, humans seem to be obsessed with relationship status. 

Now we're not here to judge that status, whatever it may be; you could be single, in something complicated, just dating, married, widowed or divorced and be happy. What we're here to do it to try to guess which one that is from an outfit that you'll choose for your ideal partner. 

So we'll let you take the reigns and pick out some shoes, possibly a jacket, a shirt/top, a bottom and maybe some accessories for the man or woman of your dreams. We'll also want to know about the kind of style they might have, and how much they're willing to spend on a shopping trip. Do this for us, and we'll try to hit the nail on the head and guess what your relationship status is.

How would you describe their style?

How long do they take to get ready?

What would you like their style to be?

Which of these celebrity looks are you going for?

Who are you trying to impress?

How much money would you spend on a wardrobe overhaul for that person?

Which of these colors is going to dominate the wardrobe?

Which of these stores are you going to do most of the shopping?

Which of these websites would you also spend some money on?

Are you factoring comfort into the clothing options?

How many pairs of jeans are you planning on getting?

What kind of tops/shirts are on your list?

If they did wear a dress, what kind would it be?

How would you dress them for date night?

Which of these prints will you be staying away from?

What kind of underwear would you wear?

Which of these accessories would accompany their look?

What kind of belt would accompany most of their outfits?

What is the first pair of shoes that they will be getting?

What kind of socks would they wear?

Which of these other shoes do they need?

What will he/she be using to stay warm?

Which of these scents is going to complete the look?

How would you style their hair?

What kind of hat would they wear?

What kind of sunglasses would they own?

What will they be holding their items in?

What kind of music will you be listening to while you get them ready?

Where will you be posting photos of their outfit?

Which of these fashion capitals would you go to with them?

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