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"If you build it, he will come." Since Field of Dreams was released in 1989, that sentence has become part of our common lexicon and the movie is still a favorite of both hardcore baseball fans and people who have never seen a game. See how well you remember the film with this fun quiz.

Where is Ray when he first hears the mysterious voice speaking to him?

Ray is walking through his tall rows of corn when he hears a voice say, "If you build it, he will come." It takes a while before he figures out the message, but eventually it changes his life.

In what state is Ray and Annie's farm?

Although Ray is from New York, eventually Annie talks him into buying a farm in her native Iowa. When Joe asks whether the field is in heaven, Ray sets him straight by saying, "No, it's Iowa."

How does Ray learn what the voice wants him to build?

Ray is puzzling over the message he keeps receiving when suddenly he sees a vision. It's a baseball field, complete with lights, in the middle of his corn fields.

What does Ray tell Annie he is most afraid of?

Ray expresses little respect for his dad during his younger years. His father seemed old to him when he was only in his mid-30s, and Ray wants to take more chances and follow his dreams, which he feels his father failed to do.

Why were Shoeless Joe and the other White Sox players suspended from baseball for life?

The 1919 Chicago team became known as the Black Sox after eight of its players were accused of accepting bribes to intentionally lose the World Series. All were permanently banned from playing professionally, but doubt remained about whether Joe Jackson actually took actions to harm the team's chances.

When she meets Joe for the first time, what does Ray's daughter Karen ask him?

Can you blame her for asking? Ray has been schooling his daughter in baseball lore her entire life, including the story of Shoeless Joe and the White Sox scandal. When the long-dead player appears on her family's farm, asking if he's a ghost seems a natural question.

Where do the players go when they leave Ray's field?

No one knows exactly what lies beyond the field, but when the players walk into the corn, they seem to vanish completely. Yet when Ray walks through the field, everything seems normal.

Why does Ray and Annie's farm get into financial trouble?

When Ray decides to build a baseball field, he plows down a considerable portion of his corn field to make room for it. Having less available space means he can grow less corn, which means he makes less money when harvest time rolls around.

What keeps Annie's family members from believing in the magic of the field?

Although Ray, Annie, and Karen can see the White Sox players, Annie's brother, sister-in-law and mother see only an empty field. Who can blame them for thinking Ray's family is a little crazy for watching a game that seems not to exist?

How does Annie's brother, Mark, propose to help Ray and Annie?

Rather than let the bank foreclose, Mark tries to talk Ray into selling the farm. He offers a deal in which the family could remain in the house, rather than losing everything if they let the bank take over.

What does the second voice say to Ray?

Ray thinks he's done his job after he builds the field, but suddenly the voice is back, saying, "Ease his pain." Just as with the first message, Ray is confused about the meaning -- who is "he" and what is his pain?

What controversial topic is being discussed at the school board meeting?

The people in this farming community are depicted as being rather closed-minded in this scene. A very vocal woman named Beulah argues vehemently in favor of banning a book by author Terence Mann because of its controversial content.

Who makes a fiery speech at the school board meeting?

Like Ray, Annie is a child of the '60s, and one with strong opinions. When she hears Terence Mann's work being disparaged, she takes on the entire room with a passionate speech about freedom of choice.

Where does Ray go to find Terence Mann?

For several years, Mann has remained out of the public eye, living quietly in Boston and trying to keep a low profile. He especially avoids people like Ray, who were influenced by his work and think he can give them answers and meaning.

What does Ray think he is supposed to do for Mann?

After reading an interview in which Mann talks about his love for baseball, Ray becomes convinced that he is being led to find him and take him to a game at Fenway Park. Although he doesn't know what it is, Ray feels certain that something significant will happen at the game.

What makes Annie and Ray realize he should go to meet Mann?

Annie is reluctant for Ray to travel to Boston, especially in light of their financial situation. She changes her mind after realizing both of them had identical dreams in which Ray is at Fenway Park with Terence Mann.

Who is Terence Mann?

The fictional character, Terence Mann, wrote several books that were tremendously influential during the late 1960s and is the person who coined the phrase, "Make love, not war." Annie and Ray met at Berkeley, where they were involved in the movements taking place at the time and were big fans of Mann's work.

How do Ray and Terence learn about Archie Graham?

When Ray asks Terence if he saw Graham's name appear on the massive advertising sign, Terence denies it at first and Ray thinks he misinterpreted his mission. Later, Mann admits that he, too, saw the message and agrees to join Ray's quest.

What was Archie Graham's nickname?

During his baseball days, Archie was known as Moonlight Graham. When Ray finally catches up with him, Archie says he hasn't heard that nickname for a long time.

What does Terence envy most about Ray?

No one was more passionate than Mann during the heyday of his career. He influenced a generation of people with his books, but he has long since lost that fire and envies it in Ray.

What career did Graham choose when his baseball career ended?

After leaving baseball, Graham went to medical school and had a long career as a doctor in his small hometown. Ray learns that he was a much-beloved part of the community, and Graham says he never regretted his decision.

What does Graham always carry with him?

No one knows exactly why, but Graham was never seen without a long-stemmed umbrella. That's how Ray recognizes him when he sees him on the street.

When Ray leaves the motel room for a walk, what year does time revert to?

Although the film is set around 1989, when Ray goes out for some fresh air, suddenly he realizes it's now 1972. This enables him to meet Archie Graham, who in real time has already been dead for several years.

How long did Graham play Major League baseball?

After playing in the minor leagues for several years, Graham finally got his shot at the majors, but he was only in one game and did nothing to distinguish himself. Rather than go back to the minors, he decided to leave baseball for good.

Who is the hitchhiker Ray and Terence pick up?

Since they've only met the older version of Archie Graham, they have no way of knowing the identity of the young man to whom they offer a ride. When he introduces himself, more pieces of the puzzle begin falling into place.

What is the hitchhiker looking for?

Archie tells Ray and Terence that he's heard there are towns in this part of the country with baseball teams and people who will help a player find work along the way. They realize immediately that they are supposed to take him to play on Ray's field.

Why does Ray say he stopped playing catch with his father?

Ray tells Mann that he was losing interest in baseball as a teenager, especially since he was struggling with his relationship with his father. The turning point came when he read one of Mann's books, causing his interests to shift.

What does Joe Jackson do while Ray is away?

Initially the only players on the field were the eight members of the 1919 White Sox who were banned from baseball. Since the game requires nine players per team, Joe says the word has spread and there are others who want an opportunity to play again, so he brings them to the field.

Who has the idea to sell tickets to the field?

Karen has believed in the magic of the field from the beginning, so when Annie's brother pressures Ray to sell the farm, she interrupts the conversation. She tells her father not to sell because people will want to come to Iowa and visit the field, paying a fee to do so.

What prompts Graham to step off the field?

When little Karen falls from the bleachers and is unconscious on the ground, Graham knows he must give her medical attention. Even though Ray warns him that if he leaves the field, he can't go back, Archie's instincts as a doctor are more powerful than his love for baseball, so he steps into the yard.

Why does Mark change his mind about selling the farm?

Although Mark has never been able to see the players before, after Graham saves Karen from choking, suddenly they appear on the field. He doesn't understand it, but he realizes something special is taking place and urges Ray to keep the property.

Who goes into the corn with the players?

When the players invite Terence to join them, he doesn't hesitate for a moment. He doesn't know what lies beyond the field, but his passion has been reignited and he says that perhaps he has found something new to write about.

Who is the "he" in the message, "If you build it, he will come?"

At first, it appears that the message refers to Shoeless Joe Jackson because he is the first player to appear on the field and he is someone who needs redemption. When a young version of Ray's father appears, though, it becomes clear that he is the one for whom the field was really built as a means of enabling Ray to repair the relationship he damaged.

What was Ray Kinsella's father's name?

Ray's father, John Kinsella, played some minor league baseball and encouraged his son to play as well. Even though they had a difficult relationship, his dad was responsible for Ray's deep love of the game.

How does Ray reconcile with his father?

Ray's strained relationship with his father has been a theme throughout the movie, along with his growing regret that he stopped playing catch with his dad as he gradually dismissed him as a teenager. When his father appears at the field, Ray is able to rectify that and rebuild the relationship.

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