Does Your Ex Secretly Miss You?

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Has your ex ever crossed your mind so powerfully you couldn't help but wonder if they miss you? Let's find out, once and for all, if your ex secretly misses you!

How many times has your ex sent you a drunk text?

Was your ex controlling?

Would you consider reuniting with your ex?

Was your ex romantic?

Why did you break up?

What did you like most about your ex?

Did you argue a lot?

What about your ex drove your craziest?

Have you moved on from your ex?

Choose a word that describes your ex in the morning:

How would you feel about having to work with your ex?

What is your current relationship status?

Do you miss your ex?

Would it be awkward if you ran into your ex at a party?

What do you wish most for you ex?

Which movie was your life with your ex most like?

Were you more dominant or submissive in your relationship with your ex?

Which love song sums up your relationship with your ex?

How would you react if you ran into your ex with their new date?

How do you think your ex keeps up with you?

How serious was your relationship with your ex?

Do you still have mutual friends?

Pick a word that describes your break up:

Was your ex your first love?

Does your ex still tell you happy birthday?

What was your favorite thing to do with your ex?

Did you live with your ex?

Which subject did you have a common love for with your ex?

Which talk show host is your ex most like?

How would you feel if your ex moved far away?

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