Does Your Cat Think You Are a Good Roommate?

By: Brian W.
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You know that you like hanging with your cat, but seriously how much does your cat like hanging with you? This isn't a one way street no matter how many lives you have.

How much do you like laying in the sun?

Do you mind getting up at 2 AM if your cat is bored?

How much do you like cleaning up a litter box?

When my cat meows I get...

How much do you like hanging out with your cat?

Do you mind paying all the bills for your cat?

Does your cat greet you at the door when you come home?

How often do you and your cat snuggle?

Do you two ever watch TV together?

Do you like the same shows?

Do you guys have similar hobbies?

What is your favorite thing to do with your cat?

How into string are you?

Are you into catnip at all?

How long can you sit in one place before you want to move?

Do you talk to your cat about politics?

What do you think of grooming your cat?

Could you get another cat and would it be as cool?

If your cat seems grumpy what do you do?

Ever give your cat some human snacks?

Do you miss your cat when you are on vacation?

Have you ever gone home from work just to say hi to your cat?

Who is your best friend?

When was the last time your cat took a swing at you?

Your cat doesn't get along well with other cats. Ever think of getting another one anyway?

Do you get your cat a present for Christmas?

You met someone you really like, but he hates cats, what should you do?

Ever feel like your cat is judging you?

Does your cat follow you around?

How often do you two play together?

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