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The 1946 film, "Notorious," is considered one of director Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces. Starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, the story combines a spy thriller with Hitchcock's first real attempt at a love story. Do you remember the details?

Where does the film's first scene take place?

The film opens at a courthouse in Miami, where John Huberman is being tried for treason. He is sentenced to 20 years in prison as a Nazi spy.


What does Alicia Huberman do when she gets home?

Returning from the courthouse, Alicia does not seem upset about her father's conviction and imprisonment. In fact, she is rather giddy as she drinks and parties with a group of friends.


Where does Alicia plan to go the following day?

One of Alicia's well-to-do friends has a yacht and is planning to set off for Havana the next morning. He is quite insistent that Alicia come along with the group and she agrees.


How does Alicia meet T.R. Devlin?

Alicia gets very drunk at her party, so she does not immediately notice the presence of a man she does not know. When everyone else leaves, he stays behind.


As they are driving, what does Alicia mistake for fog?

Alicia is quite drunk but insists on driving anyway. When she complains about the fog, Devlin tells her it's the hair that is blowing in her face and covering her eyes.


When they are pulled over, what does the police officer do after he looks at Devlin's ID?

Alicia doesn't know who Devlin is, but she gets a clue after he shows the police officer his ID. The officer takes a look, salutes, and lets them be on their way.


What does Devlin offer Alicia?

Devlin surprises Alicia by telling her the government wants to offer her a job. They are to travel to Rio de Janeiro to get information on Nazi spies who have a connection to Alicia and her father.


How does Devlin know so much about Alicia?

To convince her to help him, Devlin plays a recording for Alicia. His men have had her home wired for about three months and have heard many conversations between her and her father, proving that she knew he was a German spy.


What does Alicia tell Devlin she wants?

Alicia is weary after her family's ordeal and has little interest in helping Devlin. She only wants to enjoy good times with her friends.


How does Alicia's father die?

The morning after his conviction, Alicia learns that her father has died in prison. He took a poison capsule, prompting her to agree to travel to Rio and help Devlin.


When Alicia asks why the federal agents don't just arrest Alexander Sebastian, what is the response?

Although the authorities are aware that Alex is a spy and consorting with other spies, they want to cast a wider net. Captain Prescott is afraid that if Alex is taken out, someone else will replace him, so they want to make a bigger dent in the spy network.


Why do Prescott and Devlin think Alicia is the right person to target Alex?

At one time, Alex was in love with Alicia, but she rejected him. Devlin and Prescott believe that if he sees her again and she is friendly toward him, he will respond and let her into his life, giving her the opportunity to get information.


What does Devlin leave behind when he leaves the government office after learning Alicia has taken the job of spying on Alex?

Devlin is not entirely happy that Alicia is planning to follow through on dating Alex in order to get close to him, because they have fallen in love. He has bought a bottle of champagne for them to share, but he accidentally leaves it behind at the office.


What cover story does Devlin concoct to explain to Alex how he and Alicia know each other?

Since they cannot explain what their situation really is, Devlin devises a story to explain how they know each other. They tell Alex that Devlin is a public relations representative for Pan Am Airlines and they just met on the plane​ to Rio.


Where do Devlin and Alicia go so Alicia can "accidentally" run into Alex?

Devlin wants to set up a situation in which Alex and Alicia can see each other and she can catch his attention. He learns that Alex often rides at a Rio club, so he and Alicia go there and arrange to ride past so Alex can see her.


Who does Alicia see at the restaurant where she is having dinner with Alex?

Alicia is surprised and taken aback when she sees Prescott at the restaurant where she is having her first date with Alex. She manages to contain her surprise so that Alex doesn't notice anything amiss.


Why does Alicia go to Alex's house for the first time?

Alex invites Alicia to his home to attend a dinner party his mother is giving. There she also meets his circle of friends, who are part of the Nazi spy ring.


During her evening at Alex's house, there is a quiet fuss over an item. What is it?

Before dinner is served, Alicia observes Alex and a man named Emil having a quiet but heated discussion concerning a particular bottle of wine. She makes a mental note of the label, thinking it might be important.


Why does Emil try to hard not to let another member of the group drive him home after dinner?

It is clear that Emil has made a serious mistake during the dinner at Alex's house, although Alicia does not know what it is. As the evening is winding down, one of the Nazi conspirators insists on driving Emil home, but he tries to resist, knowing he will be going to his death.


Where do Alicia and Devlin meet to exchange information the first time?

Rather than risk having Alicia go to the office, Devlin meets her at the race track when she and Alex are there. It's a public place and they pretend they ran into each other by accident, but Alex is suspicious.


Who is Dr. Anderson?

Dr. Anderson is a mysterious individual who seems to be key to Alex's conspiratorial activities. Alicia learns that he is a German scientist, but the nature of the work he is doing at Alex's house remains cloudy.


What shocking news does Alicia bring to Devlin?

Devlin in none too happy about Alicia's relationship with Alex, but he is treating her coldly, causing her to think he no longer loves her. When she tells him Alex has proposed, he tells her to do whatever she wants, so she says she will marry him.


Why does Alex think his mother objects to his marriage to Alicia?

Alex knows that his mother is very possessive about him, so when she strenuously objects to his relationship with Alicia, he comes to one conclusion. She is jealous of any other woman to whom he pays attention.


Although Alicia gets Alex's mother to open all the locked closets in the house for her, there is one door to which only Alex has the key. What is that room?

After marrying Alex, Alicia wants to open the many locked doors in the house that she now shares with him and his mother. Most of them are closets and Madame Sebastian opens them for her, but she says she cannot open the final door. It is the wine cellar and only Alex has a key to that door.


How does Devlin propose gaining entrance to Alex and Alicia's house to explore?

After learning about the mysterious locked door, Devlin is determined to get into the house to look around. He talks Alicia into throwing a large party and inviting him, thus giving him an opportunity to disappear unnoticed for a while.


After slipping the wine cellar key off Alex's chain, how does Alicia give it to Devlin?

Alicia hides the key in her hand and waits for Devlin to arrive. When he does, she shakes his hand in a welcoming gesture and deftly slips it to him without Alex noticing.


What goes wrong while Devlin is in the wine cellar?

After finding the bottles matching the one that caused a commotion at the dinner party, Devlin accidentally knocks a bottle to the concrete floor and it breaks. He gets rid of most of the evidence, but it turns out to be a lucky accident when he discovers that black sand is mixed in with the wine.


When Alex comes downstairs before Devlin and Alicia can completely disappear, what does Devlin do?

Although they have left the wine cellar, Devlin and Alicia are just outside the door when Alex appears and sees them. Devlin pulls Alicia into a passionate kiss, then explains to Alex that he was drunk and came on to her, but she rejected him.


How does Alex realize Alicia is working against him?

Alex sees his key ring on the dresser and notices that the wine cellar key is missing. After the party, Alicia goes to bed before he does. He later finds the key is back on his key ring ​and realizes she is the only person who could have taken it.


Why is Alex afraid to tell his co-conspirators that Alicia is likely a spy?

After realizing who Alicia is, Alex confides in his mother, but he refuses to tell his fellow Nazi spies. He is not afraid for Alicia as much as for himself, realizing they will likely kill him for marrying her and bringing her into their lives.


How do Alex and his mother plan to kill Alicia?

Realizing they can't kill her openly, Alex's mother comes up with a plan to do it gradually. She begins slipping poison into Alicia's coffee, causing her to fall mysteriously ill and get worse over time.


How does Alicia realize she is being poisoned?

Alicia doesn't know why she is becoming sicker and sicker until Dr. Anderson pays a visit. When he reaches for her coffee cup instead of his own, Alex and his mother jump up to stop him and give him the right cup. Their panic makes her realize that her own coffee is being poisoned and that is causing her illness, but she is too weak to do anything about it.


How does Devlin find out about Alicia's situation?

After Alicia fails to show up for their meetings for several days, Devlin gets worried and goes to the house. When he is alone for a moment, he goes upstairs and enters Alicia's room, finding her sick and groggy from being given sleeping pills. She tells him she is being poisoned and he takes her downstairs to go to the hospital.


How do the Nazi spies realize Devlin's story about Alicia is not true?

Devlin tells the group that Alicia called him for help and he is taking her to the hospital. That seems likely until the guys realize the phone has been removed from her room, so there is no way she could have called him.


As Devlin is leaving to take Alicia to the hospital, for what does Alex beg?

Now that it is clear that Alicia was working for the opposition, Alex realizes that his life is in grave danger. He begs Devlin to let him go to the hospital, but Devlin refuses, leaving him to his inevitable fate at the hands of his Nazi friends.


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