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The Lady Eve is a movie from 1941 that follows a con artist who tries to trick a wealthy man but winds up falling in love instead! Think you remember their crazy romance? Take the quiz to find out!

What animal did Charlie have to take care of when leaving the expedition?

Charlie had to take care of a snake when leaving the expedition. The Professor gave him the instructions he needed, like keeping the snake warm and what to feed it.

What did Charlie's father own?

Charlie's father owned a brewing company. Jean was interested in finding this out because she wanted to find a rich man to steal from.

What was Jean using to keep her eye on Charlie at the banquet?

Jean was using a mirror at the banquet to keep her eye on Charlie. She even mimicked the conversations that he was having with the women around him.

What did Jean do when Charlie passed her table?

When Charlie walked by Jean's table, she tripped him. He fell on top of a waiter who was also passing. Jean asked him to walk her to her room because her heel had broken.

What did Charlie do to entertain Jean and her father at the dining hall?

Charlie showed Jean and her father a card trick at the dining hall to entertain them. He even revealed to him how he did the trick.

What did Jean's father think that Charlie was?

Jean's father thought that Charlie was a professional gambler after he showed him the card trick. There was a sign on the wall warning everyone about them.

Why did Jean run out of Charlie's room screaming?

Jean ran out of Charlie's room screaming because she saw the snake that he was taking care of. It had made it out of it's cage and into Charlie's bed!

Who did Muggsy tell Charlie to be suspicious of?

Muggsy told Charlie that he was suspicious of Jean and her father, and that Charlie should be as well. He thought that they were trying to con him.

What did Jean and Charlie do the morning after the snake incident?

The morning after the snake incident, Charlie and Jean went out for breakfast together. Charlie felt bad about the snake incident and had flowers delivered to Jean.

What did Jean tell Colonel Harrington about Charlie?

Jean told Colonel Harrington that she was falling in love with Charlie. She also said that she thought he was going to ask her to marry him.

What did Jean do to prevent her father from stealing Charlie's money?

Jean dealt the cards in order to try to stop her father from stealing money from Charlie. Colonel Harrington -- on the other hand -- had some other tricks up his sleeve.

What did Charlie ask Colonel Harrington after Jean left the table?

After Jean left the table, Charlie asked Colonel Harrington's permission to ask Jean to marry him. Colonel Harrington said he could, but he figured that Jean would say no.

What did Colonel Harrington do with the check that Charlie gave him?

Colonel Harrington ripped up the check that Charlie had given him for what he had won during the game. The Colonel had won $32,000 from Charlie!

What did Muggsy ask one of the employees on the ship?

Muggsy asked one of the employees on the ship if there were any professional gamblers on board. He was looking out for Charlie, and felt as though he was being conned by Jean and Colonel Harrington.

What did the ship employee give to Charlie?

A ship employee gave Charlie a folder with photographs. Inside there was a picture of Jean, Colonel Harrington and Gerald with a note saying who they really were.

Who met Charlie at the bar after he received the picture?

Jean met Charlie at the bar after he received the picture. He showed it to her when she arrived and she tried to explain herself to him.

What did Colonel Harrington show Jean that he had when the boat was arriving in New York?

Colonel Harrington showed Jean that he still had the check that Charlie gave him. Jean was heartbroken and upset by what had happened earlier and she was happy to see that she could make Charlie look foolish.

What did Jean ask Alfred while at the horse races?

At the horse races, Jean asked Alfred if she could visit him as his niece. She put on a fake English accent to pull off the part.

Who was throwing a party to meet Alfred's niece?

Horace was throwing a party for everyone to meet Alfred's niece. He didn't even know he would be throwing the party until he received a phone call that morning.

What was on Burrows' leg?

There was a snake around Burrows' leg. Charlie and Muggsy were looking for it, and asked Burrows if he had seen it. Burrows said he hadn't.

What name did Jean use at the Pike's party?

Jean used the name "Eve" at the Pike's party for her. She pretended to be Alfred's niece from England who was visiting him.

What did Charlie do when he met "Eve" for the first time?

When Charlie met "Eve" for the first time he asked if they'd met before in South America. Jean (as Eve), stayed in character and said that she had never been to South America.

After meeting Eve, what happened to Charlie?

After meeting Eve, Charlie tripped over a sofa. As he went to leave the room, he also took down a curtain in front of all of the guests.

Who served the meat to the guests at the party?

Muggsy served the meat to the guests at the party. He was trying to get a good look at Eve, who he was confident was the same woman from the ship.

What did Charlie send to Jean, who he thought was Eve?

Charlie sent flowers to Jean, who he thought was Eve. She fooled Charlie and made him fall in love with another version of her all over again.

What did Charlie do while riding horses with Eve?

Charlie asked Eve to marry him while they were horseback riding. Eve said yes, even though Alfred wasn't very happy about it.

What did Eve bring up while on the train with Charlie?

On the train with Charlie, Eve brought up her past relationships . Charlie was upset to find out that Eve had eloped with a stable boy she used to know, and had many other men as well.

What did Charlie do after hearing about all of Eve's former suitors?

After hearing about all of Eve's past relationships, Charlie got off the train at the next stop. He fell in some deep mud as well.

What did Alfred and Colonel Harrington encourage Jean to do?

Colonel Harrington and Alfred both encouraged Jean to take the money that was being offered in the divorce settlement. Jean, however, didn't want to do that.

What did Eve tell Horace she wanted from Charlie?

Eve told Horace that all she wanted from Charlie was to see him one last time. She wanted him to tell her in person that their marriage was finished.

Who did Charlie see when he got back on the boat to leave America?

Charlie saw Jean when he got back on the boat to leave America. She tripped him just as she had when they had first met on the previous boat trip.

What did Charlie tell Jean when he reunited with her?

Charlie told Jean that he was married, once they reunited with each other on the boat. She didn't seem bothered by it and even told him that she was married too.

How did Charlie realize that he had tripped in front of Jean rather than Eve on the second boat trip?

Charlie knew it was Jean on the boat because she called him by his nickname. His nickname was "Hopsie" and Jean used it quite often.

What did Charlie do for a living?

Charlie was an ophiologist. He studied snakes and made many trips to South America to do his job. He wasn't interested in taking over his father's brewery!

What was the name of the snake that Charlie was taking care of?

The name of the snake that Charlie was taking care of was Emma. When he told Jean that "Emma" was sleeping in his room, she thought he meant a human. She was surprised to find out that Emma was a snake.

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