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The Jungle Book is a 1967 Disney movie that follows the adventures of Mowgli, a little boy who lives in the jungle with his animal friends. Do you remember Mowgli's story? Take the quiz to find out!

Where does the movie take place?

The movie takes place in India. It starts off with the narrator talking about the strange story of Mowgli, the main character in the movie. The movie documents his life in the jungle with the animals.


Who found the baby at the begininng of the movie?

Bagheera found the crying baby at the beginning of the movie. The baby was in a basket that washed up on a shore in the jungle. Bagheera was going to leave the baby there and carry on his way but he decided to stay and make sure the baby made it somewhere safe.


Where did Bagheera take the baby?

Bagheera took the baby to a family of wolves. He knew that the mother had just had her pups and he thought this may be a safe place to bring the baby so that they could raise him. He left the basket outside of their den.


Who was likely to be less accepting of the baby, according to Bagheera?

Bagheera was worried that Rama would be less accepting of bringing the baby into his family. He watched as Rama was introduced to the baby. Rama looked at the baby and allowed Raksha to bring him into the family.


Who came back to the wolves' part of the jungle?

Shere Khan had returned to the wolves' part of the jungle. The wolves met at Council Rock to decide how they were going to protect Mowgli from the tiger. They knew that Shere Khan would try to kill Mowgli and they had to act fast.


Where did Bagheera plan to take Mowgli?

After the council decided that Mowgli had to leave, Bagheera stepped in to help them out. He said that he knew of a "man village" where Mowgli would be safe from Shere Khan. He told Akela that he would take Mowgli there.


What does Shere Khan hate?

Shere Khan hates man. Bagheera broke this news to Mowgli while they were on their way to the village, to help him understand why he had to leave. Mowgli wanted to explain to Shere Khan that he would never hurt the animals in the jungle, but Bagheera told him that it was no use.


Who tried to eat Mowgli while Bagheera was going to sleep?

Kaa tried to eat Mowgli while Bagheera was going to sleep. Kaa hypnotized Mowgli and had him doze off to sleep. Bagheera woke up and hit Kaa so that he would let go of Mowgli. Kaa then decided to hypnotize Bagheera!


Where did Bagheera and Mowgli sleep when they were on their way to the village?

Bagheera and Mowgli slept in a tree on the way to the village. That is where they met Kaa. They slept soundly until a parade of elephants went wandering by and woke them up.


Why were the elephants marching?

The elephants were marching because they were doing a drill. Mowgli found a baby elephant and asked if he could join in. The baby elephant said yes and showed Mowgli how to do it.


What did Colonel Hathi forget?

Colonel Hathi left his son behind when the elephants went to leave Mowgli. His wife pointed this out to him and the elephants went back to get him. This was after the Colonel said that elephants never forget!


Why did Bagheera give up on Mowgli?

Bagheera gave up on Mowgli because he refused to listen to what he said. Bagheera told Mowgli that he had to go back to the village. Mowgli refused to go and Bagheera tried to drag him along. Bagheera decided to give up and let Mowgli do what he wanted on his own.


After Bagheera abandoned Mowgli, who did he meet?

After Bagheera abandoned Mowgli, he met Baloo. Baloo is a happy bear that walks on his hind legs. He found Mowgli in the middle of the jungle and Mowgli told him to go away. Baloo ignored his request and told him that he needed some help from him.


What did Baloo tell Mowgli that he would teach him?

Baloo told Mowgli that he would teach him how to fight like a bear. Mowgli started punching and kicking Baloo and he was unaffected by it. Baloo gave Mowgli some tips and tried to show him how to fight.


Why did Bagheera come back to find Mowgli?

Bagheera came back to find Mowgli because he thought that he was in serious danger. Bagheera was walking away from Mowgli when he heard the loud growl of a bear. He ran back to save Mowgli but when he got there he realized that it was only Baloo growling.


What did Baloo do when he heard where Mowgli was going?

When Baloo found out that Mowgli was going back to the village, he decided that he would let Mowgli stay in the jungle with him. Bagheera tried to make Mowgli go with him to the village but he still refused. Baloo and Mowgli started singing "The Bare Necessities."


What animal grabbed Mowgli while he was floating on Baloo?

A monkey grabbed Mowgli while he was floating on Baloo's stomach. When they had Mowgli, another monkey jumped onto Baloo's stomach so that he wouldn't notice. When a fly landed on Baloo's nose he asked Mowgli to get rid of it, but the monkey hit him in the head with a stick!


Who did Baloo call on to help him after the monkeys took Mowgli?

Baloo called on Bagheera after the monkeys stole Mowgli. Bagheera came running back to find out what had happened. When he reached Baloo, he explained everything that happened to Bagheera.


What did King Louie want Mowgli to teach him?

King Louie wanted Mowgli to teach him how to make fire. When Mowgli told him he didn't know how, King Louie didn't believe him and still tried to get Mowgli to tell him the secret.


What did Bagheera pose as, when he and Baloo tried to rescue Mowgli?

Bagheera tried to pose as a statue when he and Baloo tried to rescue Mowgli from the monkeys. Bagheera told Baloo that he would have to make a distraction while Bagheera grabbed Mowgli. Bagheera hid from the monkeys by disguising himself as a statue.


What did Bagheera convince Baloo to do?

Bagheera convinced Baloo to take Mowgli to the village where he would be safe. Bagheera told Baloo what Shere Khan would do to Mowgli if he found him. Baloo didn't want Mowgli to be in danger and decided that he had no choice but to take him to the village.


What did Mowgli do when Baloo told him he was taking him to the village?

After Baloo told Mowgli that he was going to take him to the man village, Mowgli ran away. He was hurt because Baloo had told him that it would be fine if he stayed in the jungle with him. Baloo tried to catch up with him but he didn't make it.


Who did Bagheera ask to help find Mowgli?

Bagheera asked the elephants to help find Mowgli after he ran away. The Colonel was more worried about leading his elephants than helping Bagheera to find Mowgli. Winifred and her son asked the Colonel to help and he finally agreed.


What did Kaa say that Mowgli had to do if he wanted his help?

Kaa said that in order for Mowgli to have his help, he would have to trust him. Mowgli knew Kaa's tricks from earlier and told Kaa he didn't want his help. Mowgli was still hurt from Baloo betraying him and said that he couldn't trust anyone anymore.


When Shere Khan asked Kaa who he was singing to, what did he say?

Kaa said that he was singing to himself when Shere Khan asked. He didn't want Shere Khan to know that Mowgli was up in the tree because he intended to eat him later. Shere Khan still had his suspicions!


What happened after Shere Khan left Kaa alone?

Shortly after Shere Khan left, Mowgli woke up. Kaa had let go of Mowgli after getting the shivers and it woke him up from his sleep. Mowgli pushed Kaa out of the tree and ran off before Kaa could catch him again.


What did the vultures do when they flew up to Mowgli?

When the vultures flew over to Mowgli they made fun of him. They said that he had "legs like a stork" and laughed at how he had no feathers. Mowgli started to cry and let the vultures have their laugh. The vultures realized they were a bit harsh and tried to make Mowgli feel better.


What did the vultures want Mowgli to be?

The vultures wanted to make Mowgli an honorary vulture. The vultures felt bad for what they said and understood how Mowgli felt. They wanted him to feel like he had friends and invited him to join them.


What did Shere Khan let Mowgli do?

Shere Khan let Mowgli get a head start. He said that someone with a spirit like Mowgli's deserves it and it also makes Shere Khan's chase more interesting. He counted to 10 but Mowgli stayed put.


Who jumped in before Shere Khan could hurt Mowgli?

Baloo jumped in before Shere Khan could hurt Mowgli. He grabbed Shere Khan by the tail and told Mowgli to run. Mowgli tried to help Baloo by hitting Shere Khan with a stick.


What did the vultures say that Shere Khan was afraid of?

The vultures said that the only thing Shere Khan was afraid of was fire. When a tree caught on fire, Mowgli grabbed a branch and tied it to Shere Khan's tail. He was so afraid that he ran away from the group, frantically trying to escape the fire.


What did everyone believe happened to Baloo after the fight with Shere Khan?

Everyone believed that Baloo had died after the fight with Shere Khan. Mowgli went to see if Baloo was all right but was upset to find that he wasn't responding. Everyone presumed that he had been killed in the fight with Shere Khan, but while they were mourning him he woke up!


What did Mowgli see, close to the village?

Mowgli saw a girl close to the village. She was fetching water from a stream and Mowgli wanted to see what she was. He said that he "had never seen one before" and wanted to get a better look. He climbed up in a tree to see the girl better.


What did Mowgli do when the girl dropped her water?

When the girl dropped her water, Mowgli fetched some more from the stream for her. He then followed her up to the village and looked back at Baloo, who didn't want him to go, and Bagheera, who told him to go. Mowgli listened to Bagheera and went into the village.


What do the animals call Mowgli?

All of the animals call Mowgli a man cub. The animals look at Mowgli as if he were their own child. They also refer to the village that they want to take Mowgli to as the "man village."


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