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Bond... James Bond. After successfully dispatching Dr. No in the first film of the franchise, Sean Connery returned to battle SPECTRE again in "From Russia with Love." How well do you remember the movie?

Who does assassin Donald "Red" Grant kill in the movie's opening scene?

The film opens at the SPECTRE training facility, where Grant is practicing for an upcoming assignment. He tracks someone who appears to be James Bond through a garden and kills him with a wire concealed in his wristwatch. It is then revealed that the victim is someone wearing a Bond mask. Hope he got hazardous duty pay.


In addition to being director of planning for SPECTRE, what does Kronsteen do?

Kronsteen is a master chess player. He dispatches his opponents much like his assassins dispatch their victims.


What is the name of the machine wanted by both the British and the Russians?

Both the British and the Russians have been trying for some time to get their hands on a Lektor cryptographic device. The machine would be helpful in cracking codes, so it's pretty critical spyware.


Where does Tatiana Romanova work?

Tatiana works at the Russian consulate in Istanbul. This gives her access to the cryptographic machine SPECTRE wants to procure.


What does Klebb say will happen if Tatiana does not accept her assignment?

Klebb makes it clear that Tatiana has little choice but to accept the assignment Klebb is proposing. In fact, Klebb says that if she refuses, she will not leave the room alive. OK, then.


Why is Bond, in particular, assigned to help Tatiana defect?

M is told that Tatiana asked for Bond, in particular, because she has fallen for him based on a photo she saw. When Bond sees a photo of her, he's more than happy to take the assignment.


The briefcase Q gives Bond has a can of talcum powder inside. What is really in the can?

As usual, Q provides Bond with a few items that might come in handy. He receives a briefcase containing a sniper rifle, a knife, and an innocent-looking can of talcum powder that is really a booby-trapped can of teargas.


How is the movie's title incorporated into the plot?

As he leaves on his assignment, Bond gives Moneypenny the photo of Tatiana that M has given to him. Before leaving, he writes, "To Russia, with Love" on it.


What is the first thing Bond does when he gets to his hotel room?

Like any good spy, Bond looks around for listening devices. When he finds one behind a picture frame, he asks for a different room and is given the bridal suite.


Shortly after arriving in Istanbul, Grant kills a Bulgarian agent who has been tailing Bond. Why does he do it?

Grant kills the Bulgarian agent and parks his car, along with the body, in front of the Russian consulate. Since Bond has just arrived and is inside the building, the idea is to imply that Bond killed the agent, thus stirring up trouble between the British and Russian intelligence agencies.


How do the Russians retaliate for the killing of the spy?

Ali Kerim Bey, head of British intelligence in Istanbul and Bond's contact, is canoodling with his mistress when a bomb goes off in his office. That ought to kill the mood.


How do the British spy on the Russian consulate?

Kerim takes Bond through a series of underground tunnels and sewer pipes to reach an area next to the Russian consulate. There the British have installed a powerful periscope through which they can observe the consulate's conference room, although there is no way to hear what is being said inside.


Where does Kerim take Bond to avoid the Russian agents?

Advising Bond to avoid his hotel for a while, Kerim takes him to a gypsy camp outside the city. There they are welcomed and entertained by a belly dancer, and a fight between two women who are in love with the same man.


When the camp is attacked, who saves Bond's life?

As Bond is about to be attacked, his would-be assassin is taken out by a sniper. Bond does not see who saved him, but the audience sees that it is Grant, who must keep Bond alive until he secures the cryptographic machine.


When the Bulgarian assassin, Krilencu, enters the camp, who kills him?

Even though he has been shot in the arm, Kerim has a history with Krilencu, so he wants to be the one to take him down. He does so using the rifle Q provided for Bond. Nice shot.


When Bond returns to his hotel room, who does he find there?

Bond is about to get into the shower when he hears a noise and goes to investigate. Surprise! A naked Tatiana has climbed into his bed.


At Hagia Sophia, why does Bond take a pocket watch from the dead man's body?

The watch might not have much value on its own, but the contents are important. It contains a floor plan of the consulate from which Bond and Tatiana are going to steal the cryptography machine.


How does Bond determine the machine is the genuine article?

Before going after the machine, the British intelligence brass need to know it's the real thing and not a fake being used to trick them. To make sure, Bond has Tatiana describe the machine in minute detail while he asks her questions about it, and the conversation is relayed to M and others back in London.


After finding the machine, how do Bond, Tatiana and Kerim get out of the consulate?

After getting their hands on the machine, Bond, Tatiana and Kerim set off an explosion. This creates enough smoke and chaos to allow them to exit the building, travel through a series of tunnels, and get away from the consulate.


As they travel out of Istanbul, Bond surprises Tatiana with a gift. What is it?

In their train compartment, Bond produces a suitcase and gives it to Tatiana. It is filled with nightgowns and other lingerie. She is delighted.


Who does Kerim discover on the train?

Kerim is distressed to see a Russian security agent named Benz on the train he is riding with Bond and Tatiana. He tells his friends he will meet them later and goes to take care of the situation.


When Bond and Tatiana are heading to tea, what does Bond discover?

Bond goes to see if Kerim wants to join them for tea, but instead discovers that both Kerim and Benz are dead. It appears they have killed each other.


Who meets Bond at the train in Belgrade?

As planned, one of Kerim's sons meets the train at Belgrade. Unfortunately, Bond has to inform him that his father has been killed, and he also asks him to get a British agent to meet him at Zagreb.


When the train stops at Zagreb, Bond expects to be met by a British agent. What goes wrong?

The agent arrives as planned, but before Bond can locate him, Grant follows him into the restroom and kills him. Since Bond does not know the agent in question, Grant has no trouble impersonating him.


What nickname does Grant give Bond?

For a while, Grant is able to convince Bond that he is the British agent he requested. He never treats Bond with much respect though, calling him "Old Man," which Bond seems to resent.


How does Grant get the upper hand?

While they are in the dining car, Grant slips something into Tatiana's wine that knocks her out. He then cold-cocks Bond with the handle of his pistol.


Why does Grant say Bond and Tatiana are expendable?

Bond and Tatiana have stolen the cryptographic device from the Russian consulate in Istanbul and they have it with them on the train. Since Grant can now take the device and deliver it to SPECTRE, Bond and Tatiana have outlived their usefulness.


How does Bond escape from Grant?

Bond begins by offering Grant some gold coins in exchange for one last cigarette. In the process, he tricks Grant into opening the briefcase provided by Q, releasing the can of teargas it contains.


How does Bond kill Grant?

As Grant is trying to strangle Bond, our hero gets free and manages to get the wire around Grant's neck and kill him. Ironically, he uses the same wire, hidden in Grant's wristwatch, that Grant used to kill the Bond impersonator earlier in the film.


After Bond and Tatiana leave the train, what mode of transportation do they use next?

Bond and Tatiana hijack the getaway truck intended for Grant and head for their next stop. On the way, they are pursued by a SPECTRE helicopter that Bond eventually succeeds in exploding.


How is Kronsteen killed?

After failing in his mission, Kronsteen can't be allowed to live. As he is being chastised by Number 1, someone comes up behind him and stabs his ankle with a dagger that shoots out of the assassin's boot. It delivers a quick-acting dose of poison that puts Kronsteen out within a few seconds.


How do Bond and Tatiana get to Venice?

After hijacking Grant's truck, they also hijack the boat that has been provided for him. They're not out of the woods yet though, as a unit of SPECTRE agents pursue them on the water until Bond dispatches them by dumping fuel drums overboard and setting them on fire.


How does Klebb get into Bond's hotel room in Venice?

Klebb dresses as a hotel maid to get into Bond's room, intending to steal the cryptography machine. She is doing pretty well until Tatiana enters the room and recognizes her.


Who kills Klebb?

As Klebb is trying to kill Bond with a poison dagger, she drops her gun on the floor. Tatiana grabs it and shoot Klebb.


As Bond and Tatiana are boating along a canal in Venice, what does he throw into the water?

Bond tosses a canister of film into the canal without showing Tatiana what is on it. It contains photos of them making love, which was intended as part of a blackmail scheme.


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