Do You Know Who Produced These Rare Car Models?

By Craig on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

A car is classified as rare depending on a variety of things, one of which is the number of production prototypes or first units made, for example, the Bugatti Kellner coupe was only made into six copies. The rarity of a car can also be established as a result of it being in a famous film or from winning a notable race like the LeMans. Special model vehicles made by manufacturers can also be included in the rare car category, like the Shelby Mustang. Rare cars have been stored as collectibles by those lucky enough to pay the massive price tag attached to these scarce items.

Cars of yesteryear can also be included in the rare car category; though they might have been in mass production. The fact remains that only a handful of these cars are left today and because of this, they can be considered rare. One such example is the 1908 Crane-Simplex 50 Speedcar Roadster. What makes a car unique is it being the only one ever built in its model, such is the case for the Phantom Corsair; its developer Rust Heinz died tragically, leaving the prototype as the only model ever built.

But it's one thing to read about these cars. It's another thing to identify them. Can you name these rare cars with a hint?

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